Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dumpster-divers freed after serving 10 days of a six-month sentence

After serving 10 days of a six-month sentence, the dumpster divers in Steamboat Springs, Colorado that we wrote about last week have been released. My thanks to an anonymous poster for pointing out a website called Colorado Freedom, which was set up last week to track this story. The activity of this site as well as the protests of many Steamboat Springs townspeople led to the release of the two young men charged with burglary for taking rotten fruit from a dumpster.

The Denver Post wrote in today's edition that David Siller and Giles Charlé were freed on Wednesday. Asst. District Attorney Kerry St. James, who during the prosecution said "I'm going to send a message to the community," cooked up a release deal after he became an international laughingstock. The story gained worldwide attention when it was featured last week on the Drudge Report, a website visited by 14 million people a day.

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