Sunday, September 03, 2006

A weekend with the wookies: GrouchoGandhi and the Widow's Son go to DragonCon

My co-conspirator pal GrouchoGandhi and I got together on Saturday and ventured ITP/404 to spend some time at this year's DragonCon extravaganza. Neither of us are hard-core science fiction / fantasy fans, but we do own up to each having at least one geek gene in our DNA. I'd never been to DragonCon before, but Gg and I did attend a few PhenomiCons and SubGenius Slacker Devivials back in the 20th Century.

Gg and I went in the costumes of "mundanes," which is what DragonConners call people who refuse to wear costumes. Mostly we just tested our liver capacities and character-watched. We saw Cosplay girls, Star Trek crewmen, Supergirl, dragons, furries, Harlequinn clowns, Snake from Escape from L.A. (not to be confused with Snake from Escape from New York), Whoopi Goldberg, Batgirl, John Carter (or Conan the Barbarian, we weren't sure), Tomb Raider Laura Croft (several), five Ghostbusters, Alex and his droogies, Jack Sparrow (several), Darth Vader, Wonder Woman, Superman, Blade Runner people, Klingons, Romulans, Wookies, cowboys, Burger King, lots of midriffs bared by women who shouldn't be baring their midriffs, Storm Troopers, Iron Man, way too many guys in kilts (though kilts do look comfortable), Green Lantern, several people who had drawn on their skin with Majik Markers instead of making costumes, a waitress in a nurse's uniform, overly ambitious and evil security people and, of course, John and Alana, who weren't a couple.

We also passed out home-printed flyers for and, so it's just a matter of time before all 30,000 DragonCon attenders begin petitioning Masonic lodges around the country. They already have the role-playing and script-memorizing down pat, and they'll love the pageantry and costumes of Masonic ritual work.

Needless to say, I don't have a lot to say today, so here's a roundup of what other bloggers in "the network" have been blogging about lately:
  • Bro. Darren at Modern Freemasonic Journal has been writing about the fear he sees among the "old guard" of the Masonic Brotherhood when confronted with new brothers seeking modernization of the Fraternity.
  • Born Jesus has been laughing at how a fake rabbi scammed a Christian church, and how a evangelist qualified for the Darwin Awards by accidentally drowning himself while trying to prove he could walk on water.
  • Cristo Lumen suggests that if Jesus were telling His parable today about the Good Samaritan — Samaritans were the most reviled people of His time — that he'd be telling the Parable of the Good Homosexual.
  • It's great to see Antient Masons starting to blog about the racism still rampant in Freemasonry. After last week's radio expose' that "outed" Alabama Gov. Bob Riley for being a member of a racist organization (Alabama Freemasonry), Iowa's Bro. Tim Bonney of Freemasonry Resources joins his voice with ours (Burning Taper's) and the United Grand Lodge of America in calling for southern Grand Lodges to recognize Prince Hall Masonry.
  • Blessed Blogger Bunny is using her blog to do what blogs do best, by showing off her new headshots. Lookin' good!
  • Bro. Jeremiah is back from hiatus with tales and photos from his visits to Masonic lodges in Hawaii and around the Pacific Rim.
  • tells the sad story of a 9-year-old boy from Pennsylvania who died last week from an encephalitis virus transmitted via a mosquito bite!
  • Jon Swift praises the heck of a good job President Bush is doing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Bro. Greg at Masonic Traveler warns us that, according to the Christian anti-Masons, Jesus is coming back with a bad attitude towards Masons, so look busy!
  • Bro. Tom at the Tao of Masonry reminds us that we can't guard the gate if we're not watching the door.
  • Bro. TubalCain420 takes us down the rabbit hole with an article on energy fields whose title is actually longer than the article.
  • writes about the recent death of Nellie Connally, former Texas First Lady, who was the last survivor in the car with JFK when he was assassinated. The article also links to a newly released "stabilized" version of the Zapruder film of the shooting.
  • Goddess Blogger Irina (who is always right) talks about her recent move from Baltimore to New York City, fulfilling her dream which began when she first saw the Robert deNiro film Taxi Driver.
Image #1: Oh, nurse! The guy on the left is some semi-famous science fiction writer I'd never heard of.

Image #2: John and Alana are not a couple. I asked them if they had come dressed as Lilo and Stitch.

Even more DragonCon photos.

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  1. I never could find anyone to clarify for me if the folk in Wookie costumes were considered Furries or not.

  2. Wookies = Furries? Good question. And what about Ewoks? Would tht be like a dwarf furry fetish?

    And now that I think about it, what about the folks into the bionic and robots? Do they get their own name?

    Glad y'all had a great time.

    The Tao of Masonry


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