Monday, September 25, 2006

Radio personalities Russ and Dee Fine reported fired over 'Masonic outing' of Alabama governor

Bro. David Cooksey, Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of America, reported just a few moments ago that Russ and Dee Fine, the radio show hosts in Birmingham, Alabama who "outed" Alabama Gov. Bob Riley for being a member of the "white's only" Grand Lodge of Alabama, have been fired, allegedly over the Masonic issue.

As of noon Monday, Sept. 25, their websites and are still up and running, and still showing the story and photos of Gov. Riley with Grand Lodge of Alabama Grand Master Frank Little. Noticibly missing in the upper righthand corner is the logo and link that used to lead to their on-air streaming audio.

Image: Dee Fine on the air.

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I wonder if this event will find its way into Dan Brown's upcoming book The Solomon Key.


  1. You the know the problem with Freemasonry?


  2. Well... The great, dark, destruction machine has finally moved and squelched free-speech and hidden the truth from those that may care to know it. I bet the Alabama guv'na and the minions of the Alabama GL are in special session tonight for a BBQ and Bingo Celebration. Perhaps they'll wrap things up with a cross-burning or something. Just kidding, of course. Sorry, but seeing free speech taken away and civil liberties being stomped on kind of raises my hackles and I deviate out of that nice, fuzzy, warm place that I usually post from. If anyone doesn't see the inherent WRONG-ness of the situation in Alabama, then they're either in denial or DEAD.

    Calling an apple... an apple.

  3. Anon with the kooky fringe fetish theories. Fools!

  4. Glad to see them go.
    Go away, and stay away, Russ and Dee.

  5. Sounds like the racist Grand Lodge of Alabama has sent out their attck dogs now.

  6. You guys have been so quick to tout Russ and Dee as your bosom buddies in the war on racism in Alabama. As usual with new groups, you're so excited that someone mentioned you on the radio that you just can't get over the rosy glow. And when your radio pals got whacked, you're so arrogant to believe it was your little story that did it.

    If that's really true, your over the top treatment of the issue goaded them into libelous, actionable legal trouble that deprived them of their jobs, and possibly threatened the station's license.

    If they got fired because of lousy public ratings, you look like fools for claiming some kind of victory here.

    You additionally look like over-the-top nutcases by promoting your own brand of reverse-Masonic conspiracy. Right now, you are an insignificant little group with a VERY noisy web presence. You are NOT doing ANYTHING to help your cause by wallowing in this. Taking potshots at Grand Masters and Governors and getting the press to give you five minutes to do it may satisfy you for a week. But you achieve nothing by being a means to destroying lives and reputations based on your narrow perceptions. You are acting like high school kids "outing" the gym teacher.

    Your pals Russ and Dee couldn't care less if the Governor of Alabama or the Grand Lodge is racist or not. Have a look at how the folks on the street regard their views on racism. You were the issue of the day, the headline grabber for the moment. That's all.

    Darren and tubalcain, you guys are miserable spokesmen for your cause. You're so damned hot about having the only real concept of what it REALLY means to be a Freemason, and everybody else who is satisfied in their own Grand Lodge jurisdictions are idiots, losers, racists, cowards, traitors, sock puppets, Kool-Aid drinkers, pancake flippers, fish fryers and bicycle seat smelling simps. From what the rest of us see on the internet from you, I can't think of anyone who would want to sit in the same lodge with you. Being a cynical boor is not raising the bar.

    Freemasonry's very first lesson is to subdue the passions. In Europe, it takes a year or two to be allowed to advance from EA to FC, and from FC to MM. You can sit in lodge as an EA or a FC. But you have to SHUT UP for that time. Only after you have learned your lessons as a Mason are you allowed to advance. Only after you have been a Mason for a few years are you allowed to speak about it in lodge.

    There is a lesson there, if you will bite your tongue long enough to see it.

    If the UGLA is going to succeed, there needs to be a lot more passion-subduing in terms of its proponents and their lip flapping.

    I have no dog in this fight. I personally wish you guys would work from within and really lead your existing Grand Lodges instead of trying to start from scratch. But I really don't care. I'm with you on the racism point. It's a disgrace and needs to go away. But it will only go away by guys like you TAKING OVER and overwhelming the crackers, making it clear that there's no place in Masonry for racism. You do that from within, not by standing on the outside hurling rocks.

    Do what you like. It's your little movement. But for heaven's sake, if you're going to post a public opinion, make it a well thought out one. You are under intense scrutiny right now, and in spite of your own inflated press, you're looking like children.

  7. Sounds like we have a fan! Should we invite him to a meeting?

    Oh look!!! His name is "Anonymous"! Imagine that!

    Anonymous...I have sat in lodge for the time required and I sat and listened and kept my mouth shut. Now, as a Master Mason...I am speaking out of what I've seen. You advocate "silence" in the name of subduing the passions. What you really mean is "silence" and subduing the masses!
    I am a spokesperson for no one but myself. Racism is what I feel strongly about. If you think it's OK to just allow Grand Lodges to walk over human rights...Hey...then YOU are the one who is a terrible spokesperson for your lodge system. By the way...I don't see any mass run on people petitioning the Blue Lodge lately. Mediocrity is the fate of all who stand still.

    Darren Simpson

  8. Never used Bicycle seat smelling...That's a new one.

    Nice rant though... At least we know you're listening. Feel free to post anytime. Visit the other blogs too Like Modern Freemasonic Journal and Chevallier Maconique:)


  9. This is just some racist cry-baby from bama who is mad because their little secret is out.

    Go wash your hood and iron your sheet.

  10. My cause is nothing more than equality in the fraternity.
    Whether its race or titles.
    Another GL voted not to recognize, but thats not the issue, the issue is they were close.
    That is nice, and until this noise on the internet started, topics of race and status qou were rarely talked about.
    Masons being expunged with no trials would have been buried, etc... too much un american/un masonic behavior has been swept under the rug over the past many years and men of action with integrity have walked away and not looked back. These band of brothers are at least trying to make serious changes without worrying about the repercussions from the lemmings.
    As long as Gl's remain silent towards th ebehavior of other L's, changes move as fast as a glacier.

  11. Ray Lanston's comments have been deleted for ad hominem attacks on Russ and Dee Fine and on Freemasons and other posters here. Lanson made some interesting comments, but apparently cannot control himself when it comes to using words like "dumb," "fool," and "pathetic."

    He did make a good point, though, in response to Ron's post about Russ and Dee Fine going "back on the air." The article Ron was quoting from was published in 2000, when Russ and Dee first hired on at WYDE, the station which recently fired them.

    Facts, not attacks, Ray.

  12. Ray,

    You're more than welcome to post facts and opinions here, about the Fines or anything else. I simply ask that you do so without resorting to name-calling or attacking people because of their overuse of makeup or bleach on their hair.

    You did attack Freemasons, the ones who held the protest rally a few weeks ago. You called them "stooges" of the Fines. While I think it's more a case of them using the Fines rather than the Fines using them, and I question the wisdom of protest rallies outside Masonic lodges, they have that right and I'll report what they do.

    Say what you want about their actions, but say it about the actions, not the actors. As churchfolk occasionally say, hate the sin, not the sinner. Or in this case, hate the deed, not the doer.

    You posted some good info; you just mixed it in with ad hominem attacks. If I let your statements stand, those who disagree with you will also let fly with ad hominem vitriol (it's happened before! — that's why I instituted the "rule") and soon, it's just a flame war.

    Good luck with your new blog.

    — W.S.

  13. ignore darren simpson, he is nothing but a hypprocrite who likes to start trouble. he should have joined a pha lodge from the start because obviously he didn't fit in good in his former blue lodge.


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