Thursday, September 28, 2006

'No more anonymous for you!'

This is an example of an ad hominem attack. It was posted a few hours ago by yet another "anonymous" writer, and was in response to the article from Monday about Russ and Dee Fine, the radio hosts, being fired.

"Or perhaps they were fired just because they were uh, IDIOTS and the station finally got SICK OF THEM?

"I'm a lot more apt to believe that.

"And by the way....GOOD RIDDANCE.

"Maybe she can take this free time to get someone other than Tammy Faye Baker to show her how to do her makeup."

Do you notice how the writer gives no evidence to back up his statements? It's all just venom and hate. I've seen way too much of that here, from racists, anti-racists, UGLA'ers, Antients, you name it.

This comment has been deleted.

The "allow anonymous posts" has been toggled to nada, too. I don't need your real name, but if you want to leave a comment, you're at least going to have to be distinguishable from every other person who wants to remain "anonymous."

I'm happy this blog has become a gathering place for Masons (Antients and Moderns), anti-Masons, conspiracy theorists, the Christian and the pagan, to all come together and discuss the issues that divide them. All I ask is that you act like ladies and gentlemen. Complaining about how a radio personality wears her make-up (it's radio, not television!) isn't discussing issues, it's just being a jerk.


  1. Oh, hey, sorry about all those anonymouse posts.

    I guess I forgot to log in again...

  2. I had to do away with Anonymous posters too, I was starting to get spammed again. But I've also noticed that eveytime somebody wants to be a jackass, most of the time they log in anonymously. I guess they think if they give a name, even a fake one, somebody might hunt them down. Can't expect much in the way of reason from a person who complains about what a radio show host wears on the air.

    Hey, I know who anaonymous is now, it just hit me. It's that damn Dennis Kucinich.

  3. Ray Lanston's comments have been deleted for ad hominem attacks on Russ and Dee Fine and on Freemasons. Lanson made some interesting comments, but apparently cannot control himself when it comes to using words like "dumb," "loser," and "stooge."

    Facts, not attacks, Ray.

    — W.S.


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