Thursday, March 08, 2007

Good turnout for Masonic lodge breakfast

I've recently been scolded (see comments section of "Making Masons look stupid?") for posting negative news and commentary here, and for being "too gleeful" in my writing, and told that I never promote the positive things about Freemasonry. Your Masonic nudges have been heard, and heeded!

Here, for the Masonic edification of those anonymous readers who are "monitoring" the Burning Taper, is something uplifting and positive about Freemasonry, the kind of sweet and syrupy good news you asked for, reprinted from the Midwest City, Oklahoma Sun from earlier today.
Published: March 08, 2007 09:52 am

Good turnout for Masonic Lodge breakfast
By Iva Beamer, Sun columnist
The Sun

A good-sized crowd turned out for the Jones Masonic Lodge’s monthly breakfast, which are held every first Saturday.

The Masons want names and addresses of all servicemen in the Middle East so they can send care packages to them. Call any Mason with that information.

Pat Kubicek of Olympia, Wash., was a recent guest in the home of her son, Greg, and his wife, Mary. She spent two weeks with them.

Dorothy and Claude Jones, Bill Frederick, Velda Ruzycki, and Carol and Duane Langley of St. Louis, Mo., ate dinner at El Chico’s in Midwest City Saturday night and watched the eclipse of the moon all the way home.

Helen and Doc Atwater, Carol and Jim Strain and Velma Blessington spent the weekend at Lake Eufaula getting the Atwater vacation home ready for summer.

Opal Goff and her daughters Charlotte and Shirley, spent a day recently in Grapevine, Texas. Twenty seven people met at a restaurant in Oklahoma City last Sunday to celebrate Opal’s birthday.

Marilyn Lassiter visited her sister Marjorie Millican on Wednesday.

The Claude Joneses returned to Jones on Tuesday after spending several weeks in south Texas. The wintery weather kept them there longer than they anticipated. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Langley of St. Louis, Mo., came Wednesday and stayed until Sunday afternoon.

Marie Rowlen, Wilma Carlson and Isabell Jones went to Del City Thursday night to help initiate some Odd Fellows into the Del City Rebekah Lodge. Edmond Lodge was also represented. A fellowship hour followed.

Sandy Jones spent a day last week with Darlene McWilliams in Oklahoma City.

Darrin Kelly spent Saturday night as a guest of Ryan Campbell to help Ryan celebrate his 11th birthday.

Morris and Kathleen Morrison and Lisa Campbell and children, Haley and Ryan, spent Friday eve at the YMCA in Del City and ate out before coming home. The occasion was Ryan’s birthday. Ryan shared his birthday cake and ice cream with his relatives Sunday evening in the home of his great grandmother Beamer.

Mary Winscott ate dinner Sunday with friends in Oklahoma City.
Waffles. Yum!

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  1. Besides being funny, I'm impressed that you were able to run a story in with a Velda, a Velma, and an Opal in it. However, I was really put off by all the glee. Lay off the glee, for Chrissakes!


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