Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wacko website proves Masonic worldwide conspiracy: Smirnoff logo looks like Scottish Rite emblem!

I usually ignore the anti-Masonic wacko websites; I seldom find anything new or creative.

Today, though, I found a site that ties all those 33rd-degree sorcerers to what is gushingly, almost worshipfully called "the largest multinational beer, wine and spirits company in the world! It's NOT a coincidence they choose to use that Double-headed Eagle/Phoenix, WITH A CROWN on it!... And what sneaky tactics, they've named their company to not sound UK owned...."

Noting the similarity between the symbol for Smirnoff vodka and the double-headed eagle of the Scottish Rite, the blog "Post Modern Research," whose mixed-metaphor tagline is "exposing the beast, one brick at a time," has conclusively shown us that alcohol rules the world, and that Freemasonry rules alcohol, or alcohol rules Masons, or something like that. I mean, all the "captains of industry" of the world are Masons, right, and....

The site points out that Diageo is a British company, oh my! And of course, Freemasonry came from England and "the United Kingdom is at the top of the world's power structure, even WE bow down to the UK!" I assume "we" is the US of A; conspiracy nuts always believe the conspiracies are aimed at "good ol' reglar Mericans."

They worry a good bit about Freemasonry's control of the New World Order. The blog has over 30 articles about Masonry, and another eight exclusively about those top-level Masons, the Shriners. Most of the articles lately seem to be fretting about Masonic imagery in computer games. In fact, the entire site seems to be quite concerned with how images are inserted into human consciousness, which could indeed be an interesting thing to investigate, if only all the stories weren't about past master's jewels in video games and Shriners in old Beavis and Butthead movies.

The good ol' reglar Mericans at Post Modern Research are kind enough to list all of Diageo's alcoholic products; it's quite an exhaustive and thirst-enhancing list: "Guinness, Red Stripe, Johnnie Walker scotch whisky, Smirnoff vodka, Ciroc vodka, Gordon's gin, Captain Morgan rum, Bulleit Bourbon, J&B scotch whisky, Seagram 7 Crown, Crown Royal Canadian Whisky, VO Canadian Whisky, Bells scotch, Bundaberg, Tanqueray gin, Bushmills, George Dickel, Don Julio, Baileys, Archers, Pimm's, Sterling Vineyards, Beaulieu Vineyard, Blossom Hill. Diageo also distributes Jose Cuervo tequila products."

Amazing what sort of conspiracies people will believe....

Well, we all have to believe in something; I believe I'll have another drink.

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  1. Well, from the looks of that list, all you guys have to do is buy up Yukon Jack and you'll own Canada, at least.

  2. Best Parady Site, Ever!

    The best part is that the guys doesn't realize that he's parodying anything - he thinks he's real!

  3. you people are part of the problem

  4. ... the 2 headed eagle with a crown comes from the russian coat of arms. Because guess what? no, smirnoff vodka is not from UK but from russia, that's right. Even if it's been sold they try to conserve the hsitory of their product ... duh

  5. Enough foolhearty people and the entire cause looks foolhearty. At least the ppor guy was trying to be aware of the bigger picture, maybe one day he'll actually get a glimpse, lets hope anyways., but for a more indepth look, feel free to check out my blog, compare, and most importantly comment!!! Truth is only told when you speak!


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