Saturday, March 17, 2007

Iowa Masonic lodge donates $25K for scholarships

The New Hampton (Iowa) Masonic lodge has donated $25,000.00 to the New Hampton Community School Educational Foundation. The funds are designated for future scholarships to deserving graduates on an annual basis, the Cresco Times reports.

In the past, the lodge has donated smaller amounts on a yearly basis. They hope that by endowing the foundation with a larger sum, interest accrued can also be used for future scholarships.

Image: Steve Riley, Lavern Nelson and Al Riley Jr. handing check to New Hampton Community School Superintendent Karlos McClure

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  1. Why are you always pointing out the good and non-controversial aspects of Freemasonry.

    All you do is promote and champion the positive sides of Masons.

    Why don't you just keep it in your Lodge and quit airing these things in public!


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