Thursday, March 08, 2007

Who killed Hiram?

A new Masonic blog came to my attention today, called Kingdom of Conscience. It's written by Bro. Isaiah Coffey, a Prince Hall Mason from Atlanta.

The blog is only one day old, but already Bro. Isaiah has posted two interesting short essays on Freemasonry, plus a poem called "Who Killed Hiram?", written by Prince Hall Mason Bro. Chad Vander Ven of Florida.
Who Killed Hiram?

Who killed Hiram? The Master Mason whose light has shone for seven thousand years, but lies dying now, without fanfare or tears.

Who killed Hiram? The Mason's Craft that survived Pharaohs, Caesars, Khans, and Kings, whose luster is gone, save for rusty ol' rings.

Who killed Hiram? The noble Order where Light was made real, but few of its members remember how it feels.

Who killed Hiram? The Masons have killed Hiram, they buried him in steak fries, golf outings, and watered down rites, so many that no one even thinks to go out to the lodge on meeting nights.

Who killed Hiram? The Masons did, they sleep through his lectures, his lessons, his story, yet none are quick to try to revive his glory.

Who killed Hiram? The Masons of course, by failing to see the Light through the forest.

Have you killed Hiram? Have you played a part? Have you helped silence the Master Mason's art?

Have you killed Hiram? Is the Shrine more fun? Is paying the bills the only thing your lodge has done?

Have you killed Hiram? Do you not have the time? Is it far too hard to memorize your lines?

Have you killed Hiram? Is refreshment your thing? Is it more important to you that you get to wear a shiny gold ring?

Have you killed Hiram? Are the widow's cries too loud? To kneel and help the orphan, are you much too proud?

Have you killed Hiram? Does lodge go too late? Is the work too hard or the task too great?

Have you killed Hiram? Is it too much to learn? Do you shun from the wisdom for which so many yearn?

Have you killed Hiram?
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  1. Excellent!
    I will share this with the PHA's in my area who I have fellowship.
    Only because my GL says I'm aloud to have fellowship with them, not because it is the RIGHT thing to do.


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