Saturday, March 10, 2007

'Shakedown': Freemasons in da house!

Da DL on da Sony BMG Music website sez:
Ok all you clubbers, your favourite house mix-masters the Freemasons have put together the crème de la crème of their hits and some new tunes too all for your listening pleasure in their debut album Shakedown. Featuring their Grammy nominated remix of Beyonce's Déjà Vu, plus their souped up first single Rain Down Love among 32 other dancefloor burners, it'll shake y'all up to get ya on down.

Shakedown is the 18 month-in-the-making love child of industry father-figures Russell Small and James Wiltshire aka the Freemasons.
The Freemasons' debut album consists of 33 songs. Maybe that's some kind of spooky Masonic message or something.

Masonic Traveler wrote about this act last summer, so if you want to know more about two British guys who are making our fraternity's name a "house"-hold word, read up on them on his blog. And be sure to check out The Freemasons' MySpace page, where you can groove to some of their tuneage.

Cue these "dancefloor burners" up at your next Eastern Star meeting, and par-tay, ya'll.

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  1. Is it just me, or does like every song sound the same????

  2. House electronica does tend to sound similar, but I played all four on the MS site and I liked them. Totally danceable!

    Does anyone know how I can d/load them to play for the brothers at the lodge? We have some younger guys who might enjoy it. And of course, we have some older guys who might hate it, which is kind of a bonus.

  3. They're all over iTunes.


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