Monday, April 30, 2007


Last week, I applied to BlogBurst to request Burning Taper be added to their network.

According their website, "Pluck's BlogBurst network is an opt-in aggregation and syndication service that brings high-quality, topical blogs together with high-traffic web sites. With BlogBurst, bloggers gain visibility, audience reach and traffic through placement on major online publishers and media destinations in real time."

In other words, they get your blog tied in with the Big Boys of publishing, such as Reuters, USA Today, Gannett, Fox News and Internet Broadcasting.

The Burning Taper didn't qualify.
Thank you for requesting an invitation to BlogBurst.

At this time your blog is not a good match for the BlogBurst network. A blog can be denied an invitation for many reasons, including quality as compared to other blogs in the network, needs of our current set of publishing partners, and topical focus. We invite you to visit our blog guidelines at for more information on what we look for in blogs.

Our network of publishing customers is quickly growing and we encourage you to check back with us occasionally. We expect for some blogs not invited at this time to be a part of the BlogBurst network in the future.

Thank you for your interest in BlogBurst, and best wishes.

Best Regards,

The BlogBurst Team
With so many articles being written these days in the mainstream press about Freemasonry, I was hoping they'd be interested.

If any readers here who are also bloggers — Masonic or otherwise — apply to BlogBurst, I'd be interested in hearing of your results.

You can apply here.

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