Sunday, April 22, 2007

Rosslyn Chapel gives up another secret: Father and son discover musical masterpiece carved on its walls

In an exclusive report Sunday, the Sunday Mail reported that a father and son codebreaking team have dscovered — and deciphered — music hidden in the carvings of Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel for almost 600 years.

For 27 years, music teacher Thomas Mitchell, 75, worked on deciphering symbols found in the chapel. Joined by his son Stuart in recent years, the pair have finally deciphered the music tucked away on the walls for so long.

Next month, father and son will reveal the secret songs in a concert at Midlothian chapel. Stuart calls the collection of songs The Rosslyn Motet.

"For the choral sections, we've used the words from the hymns to St. John the Baptist taken from Matthew in the Old Testament which is fitting because the chapel itself is dedicated to St. Matthew."

St. John the Baptist is, of course, one of the two patron saints of Freemasonry.

Read the entire fascinating story here. Find out how the two men broke this real life code which was carved into the shapes of angels and cubes on the walls of the chapel.

Read more about how the two men deciphered the music, told in their own words, and listen to an excerpt of the music. You can also buy the album they have produced, or order tickets to the May 18th concert.

Or just go straight to the mp3 recording here.

"We think we've cracked one particularly fascinating code, although we're convinced Rosslyn holds many, many more," Stuart said.

Four singers will join eight musicians playing medieval instruments to perform the Rosslyn Motet at Rosslyn on May 18.

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  1. Hmm... I can't find Matthew in MY Old Testament. Maybe they meant New Testament. :)

  2. My article on the Rosslyn Motet may interest you.

    All Best,

    Jeff Nisbet

  3. Grail hunter's should be weary of disturbing that which lies at rosslyn. I cant help but wonder, "Do they seek the cup of Christ for his Glory? Or their Own?"

    The Knights Templars ostensible purpose was the protection of pilgrims on their journey from the coastal port of Jaffra to Jerusalem. Initially however, there were too few of them to be an effective escort. In any event, for the first nine years of their existence, they were far too busy purposefully digging under the ruins of King Solomons Temple to be offering any support to Pilgrims. It seems clear that during their excavations they discovered something of immense spiritual or material value for they swiftly became very rich and powerful and enjoyed this position for nearly two hundred years until the fall of the Holy Lands.

    King soloman was by all accounts a sorcerer so perhaps people should err to the side of caution before they disturb anything taken from his temple. No good comes from waking the dead!

  4. There is already enough bloodshed thanks to the arguments raised by religion, whatever lies buried at Rosslyn deserves to stay there!

    Just for arguments sake, lets say the Arc of the Covernant lay's benieth its foundations. The tablets handed down to moses from god. I can well imagine the uproar that would ensue it's discovery.

    The Jews would claim it as their's but so would the Muslim's, it would be a holy war all over again!

  5. All I can make out from what I've read on the net is you have a lot of crusty old fogies sitting around jabbering about how they are decended from the knights templar and freemason's (no disrespect intended) and that may indeed be the case but when was the last time they fought off the ravaging saracen hoard's?

    Who among them today has fought another man to the death on the field of battle?

    Blue-blood's... pfft!

    Just because you are given a title at birth, dosnt mean you've earnt it.

  6. Thou shalt not kill. Whatever happened to that commandment?

    Hold on let me sprinkle this hoodie whos got two asbo's with holy water he'll attend mass and lead a life free from crime and poverty afterwards...

  7. Thou shalt not worship any graven image. Well it dosnt get much graver than walking into a church and seeing jesus hanging from a medievil torture device.

    I dont know god on a personal basis, so I cant speak on his behalf, but I would hazard a guess that after handing down commands which he expects to be obayed only to have them broken, then to not recieve one word via the Ark which was said to be a means of talking to him direct after nearly 200 years, I would imagine he will be pretty pissed off!

  8. Heres something for every grail hunter to consider, the 6th and 7th books of moses.

    Ask yourself why this was striken from the Old Testament and then consider the final words of the bible.

    Let no man add or subtract any of the words within this book, it seems to me thats what the church has done with the bible more than once!

  9. Is this herecy?

    Is this Blasphemy?

    Or is it the truth!

  10. God within me, God withut,
    How shall I ever be in doubt?
    There is no place where I may go
    And not there see God's face, not know,
    I am God's vision and Gods ear's.
    So through the harvest of my years,
    I am the sower and the sown,
    God's self unfolding and God's own.

  11. “God gave us two hands,- one left, one right;
    The first to help ourselves;-- the other
    To stretch abroad in kindly might,
    And help along a suffering brother.
    Then if you see a sister fall,
    And bow her head to before the weather,
    Assist at once; remove the thrall,
    And suffer, or grow strong together!”

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hope someone lets me know when they plan on excavating under the chapel, I would love to be their with my camera so I can record God turning them into a smoking potatoe chip!

    These Grail enthusiast's want to touch the word of God.. Muahahhaa! Idiots! I doubt if even the pope himself could open that box!

  14. According to the Lords good book, when the Arc was once being transported by Horse and Cart, a man reached out to steady the box and was stuck dead instantly!

    What lays at Rosslyn is not for the likes of us to presume to touch...

    No man may sent his hand upon the very word of God and not expect his soul to be snatched from his body!

  15. Leviticus 10;10

    And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered Strange fire before the Lord, which he commanded them not.

    And there went out fire from the Lord, and devoured them, and they died before the Lord.

  16. It gets better, numbers 16:35

    Better and Better.. oh put not the lord your god to the test.

  17. So let's see if im reading this correctly, one poor bugger put his hand on it to steady it and he was killed instantly, two of them made strange offerings before it and they got devoured by strange fire, then 235 people said something to Moses that miffed god so he consumed all 235 with Strange Fire!

  18. So the question remains, what's in the box, the staff Moses struck a rock with bringing forth water was undoubtedly one of the staves use to carry the box. I would even hazard a guess that that's how you remove the lid, using the two stave's on either side.

    Seems a little strange that God would hand down his word written on a stone tablet. More likely that it's some kind of harmonic weapon which can be used to smite unbeliever's, part the red sea and is probably so dangerous it should probably stay buried.

  19. Conspiracy theorists eat your heart out!

  20. What better way to inspire the faithless than smiting a few of them just so they all get the message, "dont fuck with God."

    Templars arnt the only ones who enjoyed riches, it's also written that Moses had a breastplate made from gold covered in semi-precious stone's.

  21. Solar Winds:

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for discussing the Ark of the Covenant, but 17 posts on the same subject is a bit excessive, if only in that you're hogging the entire "recent comments" list, keeping readers from seeing what else is going on here.

    Might I suggest you start your own blog where you can talk about the Ark? The Taper will be glad to link to it.


    — W.S.

  22. Sorry, didnt mean to hog the post, just kept finding bits to refine and add, but tis ok I have moved my comments to;

    Feel free to pop by you'll find it enlightening.. I did.



  23. Uhhhh,...I thought Rosslyn Chapel was built by an Irish monk. Not by William St. Clair. Also, it's the most beautiful work of art for a chapel I've ever seen.


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