Monday, April 09, 2007

Post-Easter mashup: Obelisks, Buddha and the 'God of my understanding'

The blog 22 Over 7 has an interesting post about the significance — Masonic, Christian and Pagan — of the Washington Monument obelisk and the intersecting circles, a Christian symbol known as the vesica piscis (bladder of the fish) that it stands upon.

Easter Sunday was Buddha's birthday. April 8 was also the day my friend Ron Bonds died, in 2001. I still miss him.

I've found a couple of good articles so far that came out of this weekend's blogswarm of Blogs Against Theocracy: Check out Journeys with Jood's entry on "the God of my understanding," and Deep Something's discussion of the religiosity of America's Founding Fathers.

Image: A flyover of Washington, D.C., from 22 Over 7

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  1. I believe, the intertwined circles
    derived from alchemy, and that free-
    masonry and cristianity adopted quite
    a number of its symbology. Most all
    great knowledge out there, is ancient,
    and is so indepth that most words subtract from its true meaning (message). The right thought, right
    speech, right action. All of the
    answers are in some poetry, art,
    world history, philosophy, and your
    mind. Let us not forget!
    Sorry for running off on a tangent
    , I have a lot on my mind, as I'm
    sure we all do.

  2. Wow. Thank you for the hat tip! The blogswarm over the weekend was quite amazing it its diversity, and there were some incredibly thoughtful posts.


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