Wednesday, April 25, 2007

'Support the troops': The worst damn week of her whole damn life

I've made it to Blog Entry Number 526 without writing about politics, other than about Masonic infighting and the occasional rant against Christians trying to take over local, state and federal governments with their creeping theocracy. Oh, and there's that "cost of Iraq war" thingie over in the righthand navbar, which continues to tick off the mega-billion$ being wasted on the Iraq War.

I'm not about to start pretending to be a political pundit.

But I'd be remiss in my blogging if I didn't point you to this article originally posted on Craig's List on April 10. It was written, purportedly, by a former Marine who returned from Iraq six months ago. Her Marine husband went back to Iraq for another tour, and was recently killed.

The letter is full of anger and profanity, so if you can't take the dirty words, or her message, don't click here.

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  1. Man! I felt the passion this woman had regarding this war. I feel her anger and her frustration; especially knowing the truth of this government, no Bush's agenda for this war. The many women and men we are losing because of a lie and the fact that they don't care enough to provide the top notch best kind of care for our soldiers. Bush wants to go dowm in the history books for this war. But I believe every one of us will answer to our own un truths and this guy has alot of untruths since he has taken office and one day when his service in office is all over. He has to look in the mirror and see the TRUE reflection of what he actually stood for in office. His nights will be sleepless and his children will give him the heartache he has given so many other parents,wives, husbands,children and so on ... We all reap what we have sown and he is NOT an EXCEPTION! His reflections of all the women and men who have died will haunt him all the days of his life. Yes, soldiers sign up for war but when it is justifiable ... this war has been a lie after lie and children will grow up without their parents because of some jerks personal grievance against another country and it's oil. (GREED) If you want to know the true meaning of that word look it up in the dictionary and you will see Bush's/ Cheney's picture right next to it.


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