Tuesday, April 10, 2007

List of blogs that participated in the Blogswarm Against Theocracy

If it accomplished nothing else, this past weekend's Blogswarm Against Theocracy has given me quite a few new blogs to read. Here's the latest list, as of this morning, of blogs that participated in the swarm by posting one or more articles. I understand there are at least 200 more blogs to be added.

In this list you'll find liberals and conservatives, Christians, Jews, Pagans and atheists. So far I've even found one by a Christian minister.

I hope you find some new and interesting reading material among them.

From Kristim (at MPS)
The Aristocrats
Montag at Stumplane
life's journey
Chip Berlet (at T2A)
Frederick Clarkson (at DKos)
A poetic justice (several poems)
The Quaker Agitator
Balls and Walnuts
Zaius Nation
Birmingham Blues
Chaotic Good
Dangerously Subversive Atheist Penguin
Northgate Science
Austin Atheist
The Greenbelt
Essential Saltes
Knight of Pan
Evil Bender
I doubt it
Abnormal Interests
Tengrain (at MPS)
Omnipotent Poobah
A Whore in the Temple of Reason
The Cylinder
Austin Cline
Thorne's World
WMD Actual
Witches and Scientists
Explicit Atheist
Flatbush Gardener
The Truffle
I am the Lizard Queen
Neal Rauhauser (at dKos)
Lost in the Underground
Atheist Experience
Indignant Ahole
So Queer
Sanguine in Seattle
The Burning Taper
Wishing for wisdom
Independent Bloggers Alliance
One North Dakota Woman
Derek Timothy
Deep Subject
Paul Hutchinson's Blog
Diario de bordo (Portugal)
Lord J-Bar
Big Daddy Malcontent
Brahmin Colorado (at dKos)
The Front Page (Canada)
Chris Rodda (at T2A)
April Reign (Canada)
Immoral Logic
Rational Revolution
Deleted Items
Religious Right Watch
Millard Fillmore's Bathtub
Timeline of Theocracy (at T2A)
The Skeptical Alchemist
Dark Christianity
The Rational Christian
Another Ravan Perch
Unrepentant Old Hippie
AP Lawrence, Blogger
Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes
God is for Suckers!
There are no Barking Sparrows
Beep Beep It's Me
Cause for Concern
The Jaded Skeptic
Cassandra Waites (at T2A)
Hot Cup of Joe
Big Brass Blog
Dawne Gee at Clean Cut Kid
Cross Left
Ten Percent
Killing time, making noise
Phillip Allen
Live and times of an ex(2)-pat Yank
Darwin's Dagger
Les Enrages
David 2's Brutally Honest Random Thoughts
Runesmith's Canadian Content
Nonsensical Ravings of Finely Tuned Insanity
Barefoot Bum
No More Mister Nice Guy!
do not read this blog
commander others otherwhirled
Journeys with Jood
Fitness for the Occasion
after the bridge
Hard-boiled Dreams of the World
The Daily Pulse
Midget Queen
The Jewish Atheist
Fetch Me My Axe
North of Center
Doing My Part for the Left (podcast)
Liberal Street Fighter
Blue Wren
Laughing Goo
Robert Colgan (at MPS)
Flatus the Elder
Progressive Historians
Virus Head
Club Lefty
Blue Gal
Recovering Liberal
Blast Off!
Ordinary Girl
The Neo-Skeptic
Not Soccer Mom
Mock Paper Scissors
A Blog Around the Clock
An American in Melbourne
Everything and more
Atheist Revolution
About Kitty
Half Nixon
I Speak of Dreams
Feminists Don't Bake Bread
Americans United Blog
Dog Emperor
At Center Network
God Vs. Darwin
Action Skeptics
Frank L. Cocozzelli (at T2A)
The Largest Minority
Facilitate Wonder
From Sorghum Crow (at MPS)
Mauigirl's Meanderings
Chris Rodda (at T2A - Bible Curriculum Series)
The Spiritual Humanist Blog
The Stormy Days of March
The Springy Goddess
The Shikon Jewel
Clyde the f-ed up cousin of Jimmy Dean (at MPS)
Vagabond Scholar
Ron's Blog
Journeys with Jood
The Learning Curve
Pissed in NYC (at MPS)
This *is* it.
Tangled up in Blue Guy
A Stitch in Haste
One Act in the Eternal Play of Ideas
commander other (at MPS)
Thoughts in a Haystack
We Are All Giant Nuclear Fireball Now Party
Coffee Messiah
Fitness for the Occasion
Peace, order and good government, eh? (Canada)

Image: The Grand Lake theater in Oakland, California, which regularly makes political statements on its marquee. Photographer unknown.

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  1. Thanks for using the tag, too -- that has made it much easier to find related stuff. Most of it is good, too.

  2. P.S. -- got a credit for the great marquee photo? Is it yours?

  3. The Grand Lake theater in Oakland, California frequently makes political statements on its marquee. Read more about it at Wikipedia.
    I don't know who took this photo; there are several versions of the marquee with the Sinclair Lewis statement online.

    — W.S.


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