Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lodge burglar back to jail after taking naked nap on women's porch

Last week two women in Waterville, Maine looked out their front door to find a "highly intoxicated" 19-year-old naked man lying on their front porch.

They called police.

"They looked out and saw this man on their enclosed porch," Deputy Police Chief Charles Rumsey said at the time. "When they saw him they could clearly see his private parts and were absolutely offended and terrified with what they were confronted with."

The man had a history of doing bizarre things. He was on probation for the 2006 burglary and vandalism of the Waterville Masonic lodge. He and fellow high school students broke into and vandalized the lodge on several occasions.

According to a news article in the Kennebec Journal,
Police said the destruction began with stealing and destroying items from a storage trailer on the Masonic Lodge grounds. There were at least two subsequent attacks on the building, according to police reports.

Among the items taken was a picture album that featured about 200 photos of prominent Masonic Lodge members dating to the late 1800s. The teens allegedly used a gun to shoot the photo album.

All of the photos in the album were damaged. Police said they believe they recovered everything stolen from the lodge. The perpetrators also damaged windows and clocks, and discharged a fire extinguisher inside the building. The youths also plugged drains to flood the kitchen with water and later stole swords and paperwork from the building.
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