Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Prince Hall Masonry and the Yearly Kos convention

Sara Robinson, one of the bloggers at Group News Blog, has just returned from the Yearly Kos blogger get-together in Chicago.

Check out item #10 in the article "Ten Best Moments from YKos (in no particular order....)."

The convention shared the hotel with a large gathering of Prince Hall Masons. She described them as "black and beautiful and glittering in their jeweled fezzes and regalia, their wives dressed in their best Sunday suits and evening bling — a very classy show in the elevators and restaurants, shining out like rubies amid the dull, muted tones of bloggers in jeans and tees."

The writer talks about growing up in a Masonic family, and how she once asked why there were no blacks in their groups. This leads to a series of comments from her readers about their experiences in Rainbow Girls, DeMolay and Freemasonry. It's interesting to see what these people, who have no particular axe to grind towards Masonry and are merely responding "off the cuff" to a side topic, have to say.

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