Sunday, August 19, 2007

Video says Masons 'ride the goat' to 'conjure up the Babylonian gods of war'

Just when I thought I'd seen all the stupid anti-Masonic videos that whacked-out fundamentalist Christians could create and upload to YouTube, along comes Masonic Pet Goat of Nine-One-One: Presidential Bow Before Bel.

The video is produced by a Christian group calling itself "Protestant Separatist," whose motto seems to be drawn from 2nd Corinthians 6:17, which says, "Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you."

The group "Protestant Separatist" appears to be the brainchild of Stephen Michael Schroeder, an Indianapolis man with a grudge against Catholics and Freemasons. On the group's home page we learn that the character of Uncle Sam is based on Baphomet. No, really. Superimpose the images and you get, well, you get a superimposed image of Uncle Sam over Baphomet. That's proof enough, isn't it?

Judging from the article on his webpage called "I Stand Alone," we can assume his group is made up of, oh, maybe one person.

Warning — Low blow but I can't help myself: Stephen Michael Schroeder wears his hair in a mullet cut. How can you take anyone seriously who sports a mullet? Even Billy Ray Cyrus had to get rid of his mullet before anyone took him seriously.

The video is a rambling, convoluted and ultimately ridiculous 10 minute montage of video and graphics, narrated by a man (Schroeder, I'm guessing) who sounds like he scarfed down a barbiturate cocktail before he began.

No facts, no information, no references... just idle chatter telling us that "the secret Masonic ritual of riding the goat" is how the "Masonic-controlled Skull & Bones" group controls the world.

It begins, accompanied by The Listening Wind by Talking Heads, by pointing out that when President George W. Bush was told about the first plane that hit the World Trade Center tower, he was in an elementary school, reading a story called The Pet Goat (not My Pet Goat, as the video says) to children.

I agree that's a pretty nifty "coincidence," and given a few minutes to think about it, I could probably write a darn good "those Satanic Masons done it" conspiracy screenplay or short story beginning with this premise. I mean, the authors of the story, which is a part of a much larger collection of children's tales designed to help kids learn to read, have conspiratorial, Bavarian-sounding names, like Siegfried and Bruner.

The video uses images of Glinda the Good Witch of the North and Popeye the Sailor to let us know, somehow, that stars and goats are the way to "conjure up the Babylonian gods of war to continue to destroy the earth, and finally to make war in heaven, until all acknowledge the goat as god."

This guy falls flat on his face with this one. I have to give this video Four (Inverted) Stars for utter stupidity.

Watch it here or on YouTube.

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  1. Funny how you can get Baphomet pretty much anywhere.

    Even if you superimpose his picture on top of another. Let's say Santa Clause for example.

    I'm sure that we evil masons are behind that as well...


  2. Funny, I though Yoda was Baphomet...

  3. Elim, don't let these religious quacks get to you. I fail to see what's so "evil" about Baphomet? A hermaphrodite goat. lol It's only perceived as evil because fundie nut jobs say it is. These dingleberries have zero credibility. Most of the literature written about the New World Order and secret societies are by fundie evangelical Christians and these people are total loons to say the least. That's why I've had to re-evaluate everything "evil" I've heard about these organizations.

  4. Baphomet was a made-up villain used to persecute the Templars. Out of the 220+ tortured to admit to doings against the church, only 12 inferredd they worshiped 'Baphomet', a common way of saying Mohammed' at that time. Out of those twelve (which we less than %5 of all tortured, many of whom admitted to 'worse') each had varying, conflicting descriptions elicited under extreme torture. It's a fiction, perpetrated by the French King and the pope Clement. The Pope retracted his statement against the Templars once he discovered he was used as a tool in the injustice.


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