Saturday, August 11, 2007

Priest in sex abuse case blames first Jews, then Freemasons, for his woes

A beloved Italian Roman Catholic priest under investigation for pedophilia has apologized for saying that "a radical-chic Jewish lobby is stretching out to weaken the whole Church..." in a public statement while defending himself on the sex abuse charges.

Father Pierino Gelmini added that he had misspoken, and had meant to say "radical-chic Masonic lobby."

Jewish leaders in Italy demanded an apology, which is what prompted the padre to say "Oops, I meant the Masons."

My thanks to Bro. Kannard of Grail Seekers for the heads-up on this story.

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  1. Think you may have jumped the gun a bit on this one Brother;

    One thing I could suggest to you is to get a copy of a Sunday Missal (they are only 5 bucks) and read the weekly Sunday readings.

    The greatest problem with Freemasonry is the initiation and rituals opens a door. The essential message of the New Testament is true - Heaven, Hell, God, and Satan, and the Fallen Angels.

    Renowned priest forgives those who accused him of “sexual abuse”

    Rome, Aug 7, 2007 / 12:04 pm (CNA).- Popular Italian priest Fr. Pierino Gelmini, 82, said this week he forgives the drug addicts who were expelled from his institution and accused him of “sexual abuse” as a way to take revenge and demand money from him.

    Fr. Gelmini, founder of the “Incontro” community, which has been a successful drug-rehabilitation center, was recently investigated for sexual abuse after accusations were made against him for the first time in his more than fifty years of priestly service.

    He cooperated fully with investigators and revealed that he had been receiving repeated phone calls demanding money “in exchange for having the charges dropped.” Fr. Gelmini demonstrated to officials that the accusations were coming from a group of young people who had been receiving treatment at his community but were expelled for repeatedly stealing.

    “When they left,” the priest said, “they told me: ‘We’ll make you pay for this.’ But I have forgiven them because they have suffered much in life.” He said he was saddened that the news of the investigation was made public because, though the reports have been retracted he explained, “I have been executed by the media.”

    The “Incontro” community has 287 centers in various countries, and according to Dr. Alessandro Meluzzi, a close friend of Fr. Gelmini, “The young people who live there are the main victims of this scandal, as their rehabilitation has been jeopardized.”

    Fr. Gelmini told Vatican Radio that despite the accusations, he continues to hold to his life’s motto: “Believe in man despite everything, even when this means putting up with accusations. God sees everything. Do you know what the most reliable court is? Your conscience. In fact, even if one was exonerated but his conscience was still not clean, what good would it be? If, on the other hand, I am accused but my conscience is clear, they I would be able to bear everything for love of God,” he said.

    Fr. Gelmini also revealed that one of his accusers wrote him a letter asking for forgiveness. When the priest refused to give him money, the accuser decided to reinstate the charges. “I went to find him where he works and I told him, ‘I have no reason to give you money because you have spoken the truth.’ He got upset and decided to reinstate the charges. So it is evident that I must accept my cross,” he told Vatican Radio.

    He said he was sorry that the judges in the case leaked the accusations to the press, but he said he was overwhelmed by the support he has received from residents at his community and from those who have successfully finished the program.

    “I won’t stop because of these accusations,” he stated. “I will follow the example of Padre Pio, who learned to accept these things.”

  2. Don't worry, WS - this story is even more outre:

    Priest Nabbed While Running Nude

    Reminds me of some really good parties in college.

  3. "If convicted of indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, he would have to register as a sex offender, prosecutors said."

    Man, they're tough in Colorado. In Brattleboro, Vermont, it seems, public nudity is almost celebrated. That is, until recently, when a naked, wrinkled 68-year-old man made everyone's skin crawl.

    It's safe. The link is to the story, not a picture of him. :)

    — W.S.

  4. Sorry, "Anonymous" but the problem with this story is that the good father had no problem first blaming the Jews, and then apologizing by "explaining" that it was a "gaffe" and that he meant the Masons. That "All Jews Masons, all Masons Jews" attitude may get applause up and down the Via della Conciliazione, but I was sort of hoping that appalling brand of insult would be too low for a priest these days. Looks like I was naive.

    And by the way, shame on the real papers with a Jewish readership for going along with his sham. "Whew, okay, he just misspoke himself. That's okay as long as he really meant the Masons instead."

    Nope, no good guys anywhere to be found in this story.

  5. Apparently the nude-jogging priest has been in the spotlight before.

    He was investigated for "inappropriate personal behavior" eight years ago by the Archdiocese of Denver. Since that investigation he has been in therapy for undisclosed "personal issues," according to the Rocky Mountain News.

    — W.S.

  6. Anonymous: Why did you post the "news" article from Catholic News Agency about Father Gelmini's good deeds? His history, dedication to his causes, or even his sex abuse investigation weren't the subject of my blog entry.

    It was about his bigotry against Jews and Freemasons, which, it seems, is undeniable.

    — W.S.

  7. Widow's Son & Freemasons for D.,

    We are talking about a very devout Priest who has done tremendous works in very difficult situations who was falsely accused of being a molester.

    He said he misspoke and meant Masons and not Jews, why won't you take him at his word on this?

    Why are you so quick to try and harm the image of the Catholic Church and Christianity?

    Where is your Christian Charity and Brotherhood?

    It's the glee and venemousness that is quite disturbing. I think it has a definite Satanic overtone to it.

    Please get out of the occult, it does you no good whatsoever!

  8. Oh and Micheal Richards KKK rant was okay. God I love the double standard on these blogs it's just amazing to read.
    And if a fellow W.M. or brother got caught have sex with a underage boy or girl I would be okay cause he is a mason. Being in the occult has its advantages. You can have sex with underage boys and girls and most of the members are lawyers, Judges, Police men, and major political figures. So you can get off free.


  9. To the two above anonymous posters:

    No, there is no glee in reporting the foibles of clergy. Only sadness. But, when a clergy person blames Freemasonry for what is their fault, some of us won't take that lying down.

    Once again, anything that does not fit into some people's paradigm is labled "satanic". To quote a popular SNL character: "How conveeeeeeeeenient."

    As for pedophilia and pederastery in Freemasonry, please cite instances including the name of the offender, and the dates of the offence. You don't see Freemasonry paying out millions of dollars in damages to victims of sexual abuse. To quote scripture: "First remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother's eye."

    Unlike the Catholic Church, when one of ours does something wrong, they are expelled from the Fraternity, not shifted beyond the reach of law enforcement.

    As for Michael Richards, this very blog pointed out just how inappropriate his actions were. They were wrong, and I doubt seriously that any thinking Brother would make excuses for him. If they do, then in my opinion they are wrong as well.

    As for "occult", well it simply means hidden. Your Social Security Number, bank balance, and tax returns are "occult" to us, as is your name. (Annon #1).

    As for my "Christian Brotherhood" I am not a Christian, so that doesn't apply to me. I have somewhat of a higher standard than that.

  10. dear me, "paul", youre exactly what is wrong with the state of christianity today.

    travelling man, i applaud your level-headed rebuttal of "paul's" ridiculous and illogical statements.

    i was going to attempt to, but i fear i am a little more "hot-headed", and wold say numerous things that i wouldn't want my fellow brethren to read.

    peace and blessed be,


  11. As for "occult", well it simply means hidden. Your Social Security Number, bank balance, and tax returns are "occult" to us, as is your name. (Annon #1).

    My Social Security Number, bank balancd, and tax returns are not hidden. Anyone can find them. Such as the I.R.S. Do you really need to know my name? No.

    As for your standards well you and Micheal Richards are about at the same standing.

  12. Dear Anonnymous (above):

    Just as the modes of recognition in Masonry are "occult" from those who don't need to know.

    And please point out where I have made derogatory statements about African Americans here? Uh-huh.

    Sorry, but I won't rise to your "bait the Mason" tactics, but thanks for playing.

    Traveling Man

  13. In an area called Fairview Park Ohio, their was a Parish priest who molested children, and at the same time a Demoley leader was also busted for molestation.

    Same time, same community.

    The organization means little. A pedaphile will find a way to be around children, period.

    it is how the organization handles the situation after it comes to light.
    The demoley guy was prosecuted, the priest was re-stationed to another parish.

    If their is any "Satanic" plot involved in anything, it would be the infiltration of the church with pedaphiles to harm innocent children, when supposedly playing men of G-d, people one can trust their soul with.....
    Nothing is more Evil than that.
    Claiming moral authority, then abusing it...........

    and occult is not an evil term, it has been the western christian rulers that have tagged it thus.

  14. To the Annonymous Poster Above:

    You are absolutely correct that John Shirley was charged with 36 felonies and 13 misdemeanors in 1999 involving drugs, pornography and minors. According to the source I just Googled he was acquited of rape charges. (

    Note: I am NOT condoning ANY of his behavior, and I'm glad he was put behind bars. I am merely pointing out that he was not convicted of raping the children.

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I didn't know about it. It should be remembered that he was punished, not shuffled off to another Chapter to continue the abuse.

    Thanks Again,


  15. Different situation that you are referring to.
    The one I am talking about took place in ohio, not Fla.
    The man's name was different.....
    But it was happening in two different "moralistisc organizations" at the same time in the same community!
    70's and 80's

  16. Ah! Sorry Anon. Will Google Further.

    Cursed shame all around though.


  17. Yeah and it was Traveling man who got caught with his pants down, pervert.

  18. Such wit! Such biting sarcasm, why every eight year old should hang their head in shame that they can do not better!



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