Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shriner mini-car accident injures eight in Tennessee

Last month we reported that a satirical website sent spasms through the Masonic community when they "humorously" wrote that 12 spectators were killed when drunken Shriners in a 4th of July parade drove into the crowd.

Yesterday, unfortunately, something similar actually happened.

Eight people were injured when two tiny Shriner cars collided during a parade in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and then careened into the crowd, according to the AP.

About 5,000 Shriners are in Chattanooga this week for the 73rd annual convention of the Southeastern Shrine Association.

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  1. Dang! Do you have a cell phone alert to anything involving Shriners? I just saw this and was going to blog it, figuring I'd get the jump on you. Glad I checked your blog first.

  2. No, no cell phone alert. I just live closer to Chattanooga than you do, Bro. Tom. The psychic waves from this incident just reached me first.

    Or maybe I could just hear the whoopin' and hollerin' made by a party of 5,000 Shriners only 75 miles away from me.

    — W.S.

  3. Why the hell do they have to use those stupid cars in the first place? Grow up.
    What they should do is let the Shriners get hammered on coke and PCP. Then take them and their go carts to the race track and smash the crap out of each other. What's the difference they are all ready drunk and this way they only hurt themselves.

  4. I agree that those cars can be dangerous and should be operated in a manner which ensures public safety. That having been said, these Shriners are trying to please the public that comes to the parade, and the crowd loves these cars at every parade I have ever attended. After that, all I can say is that regardless of your personal opinion of Shriners activities, the end result must be noted. Shriners DO A LOT OF GOOD by supporting the Childrens Hospitals and providing care for children who often could not afford that medical care. They TAKE CARE OF KIDS through their philanthropic works including standing on the roadside in the heat and cold collecting money to support those hospitals, oh and by they way, they happen to have fun doing it. It is a horrific accident, and everyone is very sad for those injured and we keep them in our prayers, but let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Accidents happen - that is why they are called accidents.

  5. They do alot of good for vodka, bud light, and Jack Daniels. I don't care what they do at the hospital or the old folks home. Anytime you get drunk people and little race cars made for kids that go 35 m.p.h. it's not an accident. It's called being stupid. And they have no business riding in go carts made for kids. What the hell is the point? Get off your a** and walk. That solves the stupidity of accidents when drunk shriners get behind the wheel.


  6. Always heard a Shriner was a drunk Mason... seems to be true.

  7. So easy Annonymous to attack behind the cloak annonymity.

    The Shrine has done wonderful work having helped heal children without ever presenting a bill to the parents.

    What organization are *you* a part of that can make a similar claim?

    Further proof that those who can, do. Those who can't teach; and those who can do neither simply snipe at the others.


  8. I think it's a sad day
    when people assume that if you are a Shriner and have a accident you are drinking and that being drunk is the cause.
    I am sure that the Police will provide the answers if drinking was involved. First we should hope and pray that the people are doing
    well and will recover. We should ALL have them in our prayers for a quick recovery.

  9. I'm sure someone will think I'm just being a smart-ass when I ask this, but I really want to know...

    When you say "We should ALL have them in our prayers for a quick recovery," exactly how does that work?

    I mean, does God provide a healing miracle when a certain number of people pray for someone's recovery? Does he withhold that miracle if not enough people pray?

    Or are prayers really thought patterns or "good vibes" sent out along the quantum web of life, where the recipient (the one prayed for) accepts the projected energy and utilizes it spirtually or at a subatomic level to heal himself?

    Or is it all just mumbo-jumbo hocus-pocus to make the one who prays feel better?

    — W.S.

  10. Use your ability to reason that Shriners are Masons as well. They are human just like everyone else. Haven't you ever seen one of your church members drinking? Maybe not if you do not attend church to know one. The point is drinking or showing misconduct while representing the order is not accepted by either the Shrine or Masons. Most members respect the rules in representing the rules of order. Most of us are showing ourselves as having a good time because of the purpose we exist-IT IS ALL FOR THE KIDS. Showing to have a good time does not mean we are drinking. Just remember that the organization consist of members who are human and to be human is to ere. A member can and will be removed from the order if shown to disrespect the rules of the order; this is exercised while representing either order. Just remember we are human and have our faults but as well, we do much good in raising funds for the children's hospitals around the country. Just like our parades are meant to entertain the children. Drinking is not condoned or any other conduct unbecoming a member of either the Shrine or Masons. We have our rules and they are expected to be followed to maintain membership in either organization. If one is acting in a way to be having fun entertaining the kids, that does not have to mean he has been drinking just because he is having fun-for the kids.

    To any and all who are critical of either origination, you must have been denied membership or do not understand what we are all about or you would support our organization whole hardily.

    — Bro. Eddie from Tennessee

  11. When someone is transported to a "Shriner" hospital following an accident - is alcohol suddenly assumed to be a part of the equation?
    After all, the word "Shriner" is in the story...
    For all who assume - good luck in the real world...

  12. read about all the money laundrying within the shrine. I am sick of this protection they get under the guise of "oh they do such great work" blah, blah, blah.

    Are they the Masonic Mafia and have to be protected at all cost??

    Read Sandy Frost's blog that FULLY documents the Shriners. Read this and spin on it.

  13. A recent anonymous poster said that the reason the Shrine exists is "for the kids."

    Not so.

    The Shrine was founded in 1871 by five New York City Masons (a doctor, a lawyer, a restaurant owner, a paper merchant and an actor) who regularly met for lunch at the Knickerbocker Cottage on Sixth Avenue. They had come up with the idea in 1870 to form "an affiliate organization that would provide fun and fellowship not only for the members, but also for their wives and families."

    As the organization grew, they were, as Masons, charitable, but it was not until 1919 that the idea of helping "friendless, orphaned, and crippled children” was discussed. In 1922, the first Shriners Hospital for Children was launched.


    The hospitals today are financed primarily through large donations and interest on investments. According to several reports, only somewhere between 2% and 25% of the dimes and dollars dropped into buckets at intersections go toward supporting the hospitals.

    — W.S.

  14. Traveling Man said...
    So easy Annonymous to attack behind the cloak annonymity.

    Is that a threat there Traveling man?

    So I see it now. As long as it's for the kids a Shriner can get hammered and lose control of his go cart. Thanks for the input.
    Their are many people who do things for children and don't ride around in kids go carts.

    Either walk or get a damn walker. They really are stupid for even getting in those carts. I really don't care how much money the raise for the hospital. Most of it's going to go back to the people hurt by drunk Shriners on PCP running over the parade crowd, and stealing money.

  15. An update to the Shriner car collision story has been posted.

    — W.S.

  16. To the anonymous poster:

    Threat? No. I merely point out that you are a coward to not even use a screen name.

    Anonymous posters like to wish ill will on others hoping they crash into their Lodge buildings, certainly *I* do no such thing.

    Now as to charges of impropriety within the Shrine: if proven true then every Shriner involved in illegal activity should be punished to the full extent of the law. Masons are taught to be law abiding citizens. If the lesson didn't sink in then they deserve to suffer the consequences.

    As to the charge that any member of the Shrine was inebriated, there is not the slightest shred of evidence to support it, and yet you insist on bleating about it in your posts. The same is true for the rest of your ridiculous accusations.

    The best analogy for you is a pigeon perched on a wire over a freshly washed car. Just as the pigeon is incapable of constructing, driving, maintaining or even cleaning the vehicle, but can merely defecate on it, so you seem to be incapable of doing nothing more constructive than ranting about an unfortunate accident and making accusations that are not, at present, founded on facts.


  17. They do not follow the law. If they were following the law they would have not been half in the bag at the parade. They are drunks in go carts. And the Shriners are cheating on taxes. That is a fact. It's also a fact that 95% are drunken bums such as you Traveling Man.

    It's common sense they were hammered or on PCP. They thought it would be cute to get in those stupid go carts and race around. Oh boy look at the Shriner riding in his go cart. The people that were down wind thought it was Miller Time. Stupid drunks.

    Oh look Traveling man

  18. Once again Anonymous, you pull up to a keyboard and show your ignorance. Let's go through your post point by point:

    >>They do not follow the law.
    To which group of Shriners are you refering? None of the Shriners at the parade were charged with breaking the law. As for your allegations concerning the national organization, the link you provided was to a blank page. As I posted previously, if any member of the Shrine is guilty of breaking the law theysuffer teh consequences.

    If they were following the law they would have not been half in the bag at the parade.

    >>Please site a news source which states that any Shriner operating a vehicle in the parade was under the influence of alchohol or drugs. Unless you can cite a factual source for your claim it remains slander.

    >>They are drunks in go carts.

    See my response to the previous line.

    >>And the Shriners are cheating on taxes. That is a fact.

    No, it's an allegation at the present. Nothing has been proven in a court of law.

    >>It's also a fact that 95% are drunken bums such as you Traveling Man.

    Please cite your source for the part of this statement concerning the Shriners. Again, slander.

    As for me, well, you don't know me at all. This is once again blatant Mason baiting. Sorry, I still refuse to get as upset as you are, but it was a good try.

    >>It's common sense they were hammered or on PCP.

    Again, unfounded allegation and slander.

    >>They thought it would be cute to get in those stupid go carts and race around. Oh boy look at the Shriner riding in his go cart. The people that were down wind thought it was Miller Time. Stupid drunks.

    How you go on about the use of alchohol when not a single news outlet has mentioned it. Once again, slander.

    >>Oh look Traveling man

    Of course. If you used your real name and any member of the motor patrol involved in the incident heard of it, they could sue you.

    You are proof that misery does not love company, but that misery loves only miserable company. I'm afraid you've failed in your gambit to make either myself or many of the other Masons who read this blog as upset as you are.

    As to why you insist on behaving boorishly, I don't know. Is it the attention? Or do you simply enjoy baiting people?

    Whatever the reason, I would hope that you could find something more constructive to do than make unfounded allegations, (as regards to either my sobriety, or that of the aggregate Shrine membership.) As concerns financial wrongdoing by the Shrine, or any member thereof. I will wait and see if there are indictments and convictions before passing judgement or rendering an opinion.)

    As you can only answer with a spate of invective, ad hominem attacks, profanity, and general rudeness; further dialog seems pointless.


  19. The brakes going out is a likely excuse such as your respones. Many Shriners across the U.S. have been found guilty of evading taxes. And most rehabs are filled Shriners half in the bag. And most are addicted to PCP like you.

    Those Shriners were drunk and plastered. They were up all night doing coke. Oh boy better get my lawyer on speed dial. They were drunk pure and simple.

  20. Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous

    I think you need to get your facts straight before you go off accusing people of doing things they weren't. I was at the parade and rendered aid immediately following the accident. I saw everything that happened and even spoke with the drivers involved. Not one time did I even remotely think that anyone involved in the accident was drunk or on drugs. Also, I had close friends that were injured in the accident. So please before you start making accusations that are not true in any accord get your facts straight.

  21. Wow the Shriners protection team has circled the wagons!

    Hmmmm since many Sheriff's are Shriners as well and police chief's could or would they help cover up something??

    Hmmm let's see. I remember being present at a Shrine clubs meeting and a member of the Diavan was drunk and later that night he had an accident. The sheriff is a Shriner and "the story" told was a construction sign was not up and he hit a pot hole lost control end of story.
    Oh I forgot he was a lawyer too. Hmmm could it be he was drunk?? I saw him not an hour before the accident he was BLIND drunk.

    At every event I attended with the Shrine alcohol was ALWAYS close by.
    That's why I left the Shrine drunks and classless idiots.

  22. That's why I left the Shrine drunks and classless idiots.

    Can somebody lend me a new Irony Meter? Mine just broke the needle for some reason...

  23. Anonymous

    I am not protecting anyone. I am a female nursing student who took her daughter to see a parade. I am not in law enforcement nor am I a Shriner. I have no reason to cover up anything so before you go accusing me of doing things that are untrue please get the facts straight again. Also, if you knew the guy was BLIND drunk as you put it, you should have done something. I hold you just as responsible for his accident as him. If the story is even true, you let someone you knew was drunk drive putting others at risk.

  24. To Setting the Record Straight:

    Welcome to The Taper.

    From time to time, this blog attracts anonymous trolls who delight in making crude, rude and outrageous comments. They all fall into the same mold, and whether they're really the same person (MySpace Mike, Andy Warhol, Steve, et. al) or not, they all have the same patterns.

    Anytime someone makes unsubstantiated claims, like Shriners are using PCP and coke, or start making fun of people's names or screen names (Tommy Boy, Wimpo's Son, Marky Mark, etc.), it's best to just take a deep breath, sit back, and realize he/they are just poor misguided souls sent to us to provide a moment's "entertainment."

    Trolls don't think much for themselves. They simply latch onto a stereotype, like drunk Shriners or devil-worshiping Masons, and let their dark imaginations and juvenile vocabularies run wild.

    Enjoy 'em. Take shots at 'em. Laugh and have fun. But above all, don't take 'em too seriously. They're just like an occasional gnat swarm on a summer day. Harmless and quick-to-be-gone.

    — W.S.

  25. Yep the good old Shriner protection band wagon is in full affect. Now Widow's son is thinking that everyone posting is somebody else.
    Widow's son was proably the guy that gave the Shriners the PCP. I also heard Widow's son sold them meth the night before.
    Those Shriners were on something and the brakes going out is such a lame excuse come on.
    They were all boozed up and got hammered. And Tom was paying to much attention to his Irony meter will cutting lines of coke out while the Shriners were playing NASCAR.


  26. Just so that this story is set straight, I was at this parade, only half a block from where it happened. My husband helped to move the vehicle that went into the crowd. The drivers were not drunk. Had not had anything to drink at all. There was a malfunction in the car. Not to mention the fact that he was not even driving the dune buggy that fast. I really don't care what you think about Masons or Shriners..just so long as you have the facts straight.

  27. Ok heres the deal. I am not a shriner YET. but I am sick and tired for all the people who know nothing about the Masons, and the shrine bad talking them. If you are uneducated in the subject matter, dont talk about it. I know many shriners, only one drinks. when her does its only one or two beers at most. I am sorry that these people got hurt. But the point is simple, to ere is human, to forgive is divine. The question now is, are the anonymos blogers going to stand up(like real men) and be acounted for.

  28. Oh that was too bad. I hope that the eight casualties recovered from the accident. They should know that driving comes with big responsibilities to avoid accidents. I hope that they already learned their lessons. Keep safe and drive safely.


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