Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bloggers unite for love and compassion

I received an email from BlogCatalog, one of those blog-indexing websites The Burning Taper joined. The email said:
Thousands of bloggers from around the world are joining together this Thursday, September 27th with a single message: Stop Abuse!

BlogCatalog would love for you to be one of them!

On Thursday, September 27th, post about any abuse topic you care about — child abuse, domestic abuse, animal abuse, drug abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, political abuse — and let the world know you stand united with thousands of bloggers as part of the Bloggers Unite "Blog Against Abuse" campaign. Depending on your topic, you can even link to local, regional, national, or international organizations that you care about or support. Every post will count!
I pondered it for a moment, deciding if I wanted to join in yet another one of those "everybody blog about a specific topic today" memes.

Two thoughts, or rather, one thought leading down two paths, came to mind.

The word "against" is negative. It's about fighting, about resisting.

I was reminded of a quote attributed to Mother Teresa: "I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there."

The other thought was of something I recall hearing in the movie The Secret. Focusing on something increases the probability of manifesting it. Focusing on "abuse," even if you're against it, according to the philosophy given in The Secret, will not make it go away. It will make it more likely to happen because you're giving it energy by thinking about it.

Do we have more or fewer people living in poverty because of the War on Poverty, more or fewer drug abusers and addicts because of the War on Drugs, or more or less terrorism and fear because of the War on Terrorism?

Abuse is the opposite of caring, of compassion, of love — so why focus on it?

Instead, let's focus on its opposite, something we really do want and need more of in our lives.

How about today we focus on Love? Make September 27 a day you express your love for someone, or something.

Give your pet a treat. Tell your parents, your children, your spouse or significant other that you love them. Go out with a friend, get drunk (if you must) and tell your buddy in slurred, next-day-embarrassing words, "I lub you, man." Share some brotherly love. Walk up to a stranger and tell them you love their fashion sense, their cool car, the way they do their hair, or say some other unexpectedly nice thing that will make them feel good. Smile at someone. Hug someone or something, even a tree. Practice random acts of kindness.

And remember to love yourself.



Click here to play a MIDI file of The Beatles' All You Need is Love.

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  1. In token of my broherly love and affection, I offer you my hand...

    And to the rest of the world as well.


  2. how about tyrannical masonic abuse?
    brother peter gowan

  3. I got the same solicitation from the blog catalog, and essentially decided to reject it for the reason you articulated so well.

    How about faux blog empathy abuse?

  4. You have made a really great point. However, We should make a point of everyday focusing on love. A more positive outlook on topics such as abuse i much stronger than resistant outlook we may have broadcast. We will definitely be taking this into greater consideration next time. Thank You


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