Saturday, September 01, 2007

Connecticut's Columbia Lodge No. 25 to raise scholarship funds with wine-tasting event

Now here's a great idea for a Masonic fundraiser.

Instead of selling white flour pancakes and questionable sausage links at 7 a.m., or gumming up everyone's arteries with greasy trans-fat-and-hormone-filled fried chicken and cold spaghetti, Columbia Lodge No. 25 of South Glastonbury, Connecticut, is doing something healthy and fun — conducting a wine-tasting event to raise funds for their scholarship program.

The lodge's second Annual Fall Wine Tasting Festival will be held on Saturday, October 6, from 7-10 pm at the lodge, located at 895 Main St. in South Glastonbury.

Tickets are available for a donation of $25. A maximum of 100 people will be admitted. Tickets are available at South Side Wine & Spirit Shoppe in South Glastonbury.

At last year's first annual event, $1000 was raised for the scholarship fund.

A silent auction will also be held, and door prizes will be given.

See the lodge's website for more information.

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  1. We've seen several lodges do similar events in the last few years. It hasn't worked out in all of them, but I hope that they keep trying - perhaps it's an idea that just needs some fine tuning.

    Tom Accuosti
    The Tao of Masonry

  2. i think that it's a completely super idea.

    here in australia, we don't have the, uh, unfavourable view of alcohol that some of the more conservative parts of masonic america has.

    this is something i will definately be taking into consideration. it will also allow me the chance to actively take part in my lodge's fundraising, so soon after my initiation.

    a wonderful post, widow's son.

    peace and blessed be,


  3. You know what would be perfect? Have the shriners show up in those go-carts just smashed, I mean smashed drunk. Then have them smash into a few people and blame it on the brakes. After the 42 car pile up a few empty bottles of Jack roll out from under the feez caps. What do you think?

  4. i think you may actually be drunk yourself.

    yes, let's blame all problems of a masonic nature on the shriners.


  5. Thank you, for posting this information about our fund raiser. As for Tom and C.Z. there is a lot of work that has to go into this event. The hardest part is finding a liquor store that is willing to donate the wine needed. I had to contact meaning stores before I found one that was willing to do this for us. It turns out to be the one closest to the lodge. The next thing is to have people or businesses donate items for the silent auctions as this is were the money is made. The last part is to have food luckily we have a five star chief in our lodge and he was able to get some of the nicer restaurants to donate food. The rest of the food was done by our chief brother who took the day off of work just for this. Our kitchen has three people cooking food for five hours that day. Then we had five different people for cleanup the kitchen. Although the event ended at 10:00 pm we worked until midnight.

    I think the key to any good fundraiser is to do it good and do it consistently. Our lodge had not done fundraisers for some time. We found that because for this there were people living in the area that drive by the lodge every day and didn’t know there were any masons in the town or they do not know who the masons are.

    So now we come to the goal of the fund raiser.
    1. Raise money for a scholarship fund that will be available to the students of Glastonbury and East Hartford.
    2. Raise awareness of the people in the area as to who we are and what we do.
    3. So people know/learn that it is not just an empty white building in the center of the village.
    4. For the bothers to have fun.

    So this is not just about raising money.

    Columbia #25

  6. crow zampano said...
    i think you may actually be drunk yourself.

    yes, let's blame all problems of a masonic nature on the shriners.

    I maybe and I got booze from a shriner. He was cruising the street in a go-cart. He said tge braks wre starting to feel a little soft.


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