Thursday, September 13, 2007

Guest editorial: 'Halcyon Lodge: Moving Freemasonry Forward'

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Halcyon Lodge: Moving Freemasonry Forward by Bro. Jeff Peace

It's September and, after being dark for the summer, Halcyon Lodge No. 498 had its first meeting of the season last night where Wor. Bro. Ken Miller laid out our vision of the future. His talk was the culmination of years of planning and strategizing what is today Halcyon Lodge No. 498. Our new web site and discussion forums were brought online to coordinate with this event to reveal to the Masonic world our vision of the future of American Freemasonry.

Halcyon Lodge No. 498 is not your ordinary Masonic lodge composed of local Masons. It is the result of the combined efforts of brothers from across the United States that have worked quietly together over the past several years to turn our dreams into reality. It is my pleasure to share with our brothers from around the world the results of our labors.

Our new web site is now online and provides a look at our lodge and the events that take place there. Here you will discover photographs of our temple building, online Masonic education, and information about our charity that aids inner city youth.

We are firmly committed to continuing Masonic education and have also developed our own online Masonic discussion forums that are open to Masons and non-Masons alike. We have also purchased a large Masonic library from a private collector, and will be making this available to our members and researchers.

The degree mill pace that we believe plagues the Craft today has come to an end at Halcyon. Our candidates will receive the degrees in a slow progression over time, and be required to write papers in demonstration of their knowledge of Freemasonry. The West Gate will now be closed to all except those truly found worthy of becoming a part of our ancient brotherhood.

We are reducing the number of business meetings to a minimum in favor of educational and convivial activities for our members. Moving forward we will be focusing on building the true spirit of brotherhood among Masons and engaging in activities that promote this.

Membership in appendant bodies should be openly discouraged. For years these groups have acted like leeches sucking away our leaders and energy. Starting today Freemasonry is returning to the Blue Lodge where it belongs. Any further light they may have been able to provide will now be available through our library and lodge education.

We feel these changes and others are necessary for the future viability of Halcyon, and that they may benefit other lodges as well. It's time Freemasons quit chasing their tails and begin charting a course into the future. Halcyon has begun this process and looks forward to working with other lodges to help them achieve their goals as well.

If you or your lodge would like to work with Halcyon we can be contacted through the form on our web site, or you can join our online discussion forums.

Let today be the day that we begin to build the future of Freemasonry in the United States and a revival of the true brotherhood of Freemasons everywhere.

— Jeff Peace, Halcyon Lodge No. 498, Cleveland

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  1. Bro. Peace & Bro. Coste,

    It seems you, and all of your brothers, have thought deeply and worked hard and created something beautiful--and powerful.


    Your website is admirable, too.

  2. Thank you sis kelly
    Not just bro jeff and myself, but many hard working, zealous masons with many different talents, all comming together to raise our Temple up from the ashes into a beautiful pheonix....
    It is a pleasure to enjoy the fruits of our labors.
    We, as masons, not work on the mind and soul, but we have worked our bodies hard too.
    One feels apart of the Temple by sweating and bleeding in it.

    We are not saying we have all the answers, on the contrary... we know what is working for us, and if for us, why not other Lodges.
    We have contacted by a NY lodge and hope to start a great relationship with them do to like mindedness.......
    Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
    Thanks Sis
    Bro Tom Coste

    With the internet and imagination(an open mind), anything is possible!

  3. Excuse some typos, my daughter was attacking me while I was typing =]
    Bro Tom Coste

  4. So who is the dork with the ball cap on?

  5. Who is the dork in the ball cap?
    21st century Voltaire?
    A Heretic?

    I give up Anonymous..
    who is it?

  6. I think I need to get rid of the yellow tie! Back row, on
    the right...

    All I can say is how good it is that we've built a home for those
    youth athletic programs and soon more to come. Ohio City
    and soon the City of Cleveland will see that the good we're trying
    to do and I'm sure the Grand Lodge of Ohio will be proud of
    our labors for a good cause.

    Bro. Howard

    Master Rocky River #703 for 4 more meets --at most.

    Plural Member Halcyon #498

    King Cunningham #187 R.A.M.

  7. Nice boxing ring and gym.

  8. As a brief note of correction, the writing of papers has been discussed by the brethren, but is not a required step for progression through the three degrees of Masonry.

  9. Outstanding News! Finally Some "Real" Masonic light on the horizon. Best Wishes to all at Halcyon Lodge, they really have their act together, as can be seen on their website. As to the comment about appendent orders I couldn't agree more. I admire their charitable works but what do fezzes and clowns have to do with Freemasonry? Bravo to Halcyon Lodge and Jeff Peace. Best Wishes, Peter


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