Saturday, September 01, 2007

Raise a toast to Ron Bonds' 55th birthday

Today, Sept. 1, one of my closest friends should be celebrating his 55th birthday.

But he can't. He's dead. Ron Bonds died on April 8, 2001, after eating bacteria-laden burritos at a Mexican restaurant in Atlanta.

The restaurant is still in business, and was never closed, not even for a day, by the Fulton County, Georgia health department. The Fulton County medical examiner determined he died of internal bleeding caused by toxic bacteria in contaminated ground beef. He ruled the death accidental and listed the scene of the accident as 939 Ponce de Leon Ave.: El Azteca.

I hope Ron's "up there somewhere" having a party, sipping his red wine with Aleister Crowley and Robert Anton Wilson. Happy Birthday, Ron.

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  1. Raising a glass now Brother!

    To absent friends.

    Traveling Man

  2. Tell all who have gone before, Thank You for their sacrifices! Brother.

  3. please, please, please do not take this the wrong way:

    but i'm so sick of seeing these deaths attributed to the consumption of meat.

    i'm a healthy and proud vegetarian of 5 years, and while i have never, ever, crammed my beliefs down anyone's throats, it still frustrates the hell out of me knowing that we're losing people to the murder of life, riddled with contamination.

    it just seems to me so utterly preventable, and so completely unneccessary.

    my heart goes out to your friend, and the injustice of not even having the business responsible pay for their mistakes sickens me.

    much peace and blessed be,



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