Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Christian no more

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  1. This kind of stuff annoys me.

    The implication is that following Christ is somehow easy -- at least easy to comprehend, and understanding how to follow Christ is somehow impeded by studying the Bible thoroughly.

    The Bible is tough. Trying to understand the Christ -- not just Jesus's treatment, but the Christ and that salvation -- is hard.

    Even trying to figure out how to live a life in alignment with Jesus's teachings is surprisingly difficult, once you read anything more than the Golden Rule.

    Now, you can dedicate your life to being directed by the Holy Spirit, and trusting in that. If that works for you, more power to you, and give thanks every day that God gives you such superb guidance.

    Unfortunately, that doesn't work for me. By opening the Bible and studying it, I came to realize whole aspects of my life that were a mess. I learned how I was hurting my own life, and how I was shutting God out of my life. From what I learned there, I've come to identify those habits of mine which were pushing God away. I've stopped those, and by His grace, He came closer to me.

    I wouldn't have been able to get there without studying the Bible, and exploring the canon of faith.

    The canon exists for a reason. The tradition of faith exists for a reason. And there is a long history of people who struggle with God, with our relationship to God, with the experiences that the faithful have. And they have a lot of wisdom.

    It's a shame to disregard that stuff, and people do so at their own peril.

  2. Robert, Robert, my brother my friend, chill.

    You have missed the point of the video. If we seek to follow the path of spirtual enlightenment, be it JC, Budda, the Sacred Fem... we do not need to wrap outrselves in the accoutrements of our path to prove our devotion... as always, our actions speak louder than our words.

    You are right, it is NOT easy, we are human, we stumble, we fall, we get back up, dust off our britches and carry on!!!!!

    Respectfully, cut yourself some slack!!


  3. Sorry for the freak out: you're right. I watched it again, and although I see where it touched on that sensitive point in me, I also see that it was probably meant as a push to be a "do-er", not just a "say-er".

    I'm just frustrated with the anti-intellectual attitude that I see in a lot of my brothers and sisters in Christ, so it's easy to set me off on that point.

    Doubly so because I'm on a trajectory towards becoming a professor of Christianity, so I kinda have a vested interest.

  4. Robert

    I understand your frustration with the "anti-intellectual attitude" you find.

    We are given the gift of logic and reason. When people seem to mindlessly regurgitate theology without respect or consideration for another's point of view, it is frustrating.

    But the point is THEY have chosen to wear the blinders, its easy, you don't have to think for yourself, there are plenty of relgious leaders willing to do that for you.

    Please forgive me if I miss quote, but didn't Tom A. say somewhere "don't drink that koolaid, its all just sugar anyway". That red mustache can be applied to more that just Rev. Jim Jones crew. And it dosen't have to be laced with literal poison to be deadly.

    Bro. Robbert, two roads diverged in a yellow wood...your taking the one less traveled.

    As a fellow traveler who has been down that path long ago, take time to step back, gain perspective. Pick your battles with care and in all things strive for balance. You may be surprised where the journey leads!!



  5. so I kinda have a vested interest.


    Every time you make a bad pun, God kills a little kitten. Don't you care about the kittens?

  6. No Tom, I would say it was a very profound pun, it caught my attention.

    Don't worry, the kittens are safe.

    Robert, check out WS's 2nd video, great example of picking your battles with the "would JC go to church on Saturday."



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