Friday, December 28, 2007

Bro. Chris Hodapp home from hospital

While we were all fa-la-la-la-la-ing through the halls earlier this week, Bro. Chris Hodapp was ho-ho-ho-dapping it up in the hospital.

He's home now, after a three-day tour. He's written about his experience on his blog. Glad you escaped the hospital, Bro. Chris.

Please keep Bro. Chris and his family in your hearts and minds as he deals with some health issues.

Get well, Bro. Chris!

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  1. May Light shine on you, brother.
    err, I mean on me!

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  3. That is very funny, if perhaps slightly misplaced, given the nature of the post.
    Tho I'm no fan of his literature, he is a brother, and as such, I send my best wishes to Bro.Hodapp and his family.
    May TGAOTU watch over you.
    just another coward
    hiding behind a screen

  4. Chris,

    Get well soon and remember your mind will do wonders so keep, you chin up and look toward the light.

    All the Best,


  5. I've never met Brother Chris, and never read his book(s), but I've read enough of his comments to develop a deep respect for him, and I certainly wish him well.

    When I think about the gravity of his situation, however, my overwhelming thought is how insignificant Masonry is, compared to the truly important things in life.

    Those who put it ahead of their health, or their family life, should undoubtedly reexamine their priorities.

    -- Diogenes


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