Friday, December 21, 2007

We all shine on: Key of C

This is the first of what I hope will be many "This is Who I Am" posts by the Taper's Neighbors. Our first reader to step up to the microphone to say hello is Key of C. Thanks for breaking the ice and going first.

Let's give a warm welcome and a round of applause to this new brother.

I just returned from my lodge. This evening a group of us visited 4 older Brothers to bring holiday greetings.

So I decided to read The Taper, and I thought why not respond to your request and send an email.

I've never posted before so why not start now.

I was initiated in April into the Craft and raised in October. I'm a musician and music teacher, and was just installed as Organist in my lodge-making the first full officer line in longer than anyone can remember.

They had me play for the installation, but ironically I was the only one who didn't have any music since I couldn't play and be conducted to my station at the same time.

We have some interesting things going on this upcoming year, in the spring we and a lodge from Ohio are getting together in Gettysburg to do an outdoor Master Mason degree-we're all really looking forward to that one.

Being new to Freemasonry I've been reading a lot and enjoying most of the blogs I've found, who knows maybe I'll start writing soon too.

Oh and I just registered as a Republican last week so I can vote for Ron Paul in the primary.

— Key of C

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  1. Key of C:

    Thank you, for sharing YOU with us. Enjoy the outdoor degree.



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