Monday, December 31, 2007

The reason for the season

Last week, during the mad rush of last minute shopping, parties and family visits, I neglected to comment on "the reason for the season."

So, belatedly I say, "Happy Birthday, Jesus."

Ditto for Baldur. And Mithras. And Helios. And Apollo. And Attis. And Dionysus. And Osiris.

Their birthday party is rockin' after thousands of years.

Have I forgotten anyone?

Oh, yes! Happy Birthday to the Sun, the reason for the season. Ra! Ra! Ra!

Image: The Greek god Helios

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  1. Thank you. We need more reminders.

  2. Well you may have neglected Ra, the designation of Amenhotep to the Solar Logos, but that whole thing got shut down by the priests anyway. More light Bro.


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