Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No horse, no wife, no mustache

I'd like to personally and publicly thank my friend Grouchogandhi for creating the new Square and Compasses with Lady Liberty's Torch graphic for the bannerhead of The Burning Taper yesterday. I think he's incredibly talented with conceptual visualization and a whiz at PhotoShop. I'm proud to have known him since the Reagan years.

He has a remarkably twisted sense of wit and humor, and an amazing depth of knowledge on the most obscure and bizarre things, including state, national and international politics, and he knows enough about techno-whizbangs to be dangerous. He constantly keeps me on my toes cerebrally, challenging me at every twist and turn.

Regarding my recent endorsement of Ron Paul's candidacy, the first thing he said to me was, "So what's up with them tying his campaign to the Hindenburg?"

In July, 2006 I wrote here about his 30 inches of Dick in the article "Who has the biggest Dick?" That page is still one of the most read stories on the Taper, getting dozens of hits each day. A challenger stepped up and topped him at 46 inches, but such are the ups and downs of life. Recently someone claimed 70 inches, but he was later discovered to have padded his Dick with non-Dick material.

Of my being a Mason and publishing the Taper, he says, "One day they'll hang you from a bridge."

So raise up in toast
Your glass of Maker's Mark,
Go rightly to his sites
And view his scanner dark.

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  1. Nice new logo but I just want to know who you endorse for President?

  2. Well, at first, I was leaning towards Stephen Colbert, and was willing to drive to South Carolina to vote for him a couple of times each in both the Republican and the Democratic primaries there.

    Then he wimped out, leading me to think maybe seriousness about our national election might be an idea I should embrace.

    Is there anywhere on these new paperless computerized voting machines for write-in candidates?

    No? Oh, well, sorry, Grouchogandhi. Looks like I'll have to vote for Ron Paul.

    — W.S.

  3. That's what all this yelling has been about?
    I thought somebody posted somewhere that you were voting for RU PAUL, not Ron Paul.

  4. Wor:. Bro:. Hodapp:

    You owe me for a new keyboard and 2oz. of Bulliet Frontier Whiskey that shot out of my nose.


    Traveling Man

  5. I think if W.S said he was voting for Rupaul there wouldn't have been as much of a fuss of this stuff.

    Just think in another 4.5 years when he endorses the next Pres we can go thru this all over again.



    Once, many years ago, I personally witnessed a blowfly lighting on a grilled hambuger. The fly regurgitated then ate the result.

    This industrious fly then went on to lay an impressive amount of maggot larva to complete the job.

    I vowed at that point orward to eat as little or no meat as possible.

    Does this anal-oyg remind you of anyone?

    Maybe Bro. Theron?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Well, SQ, THAT was adult...

    In other news, Michelle Obama will be speaking today at the Mount Pleasant Masonic Lodge in Iowa about her husband's campaign.

    I'm only reporting it.

  9. Is that near you? Will you be attending?

    I'd be interested in knowing whether campaign signs, etc., are in view, how it's been advertised, if reporters are there, if photos or TV coverage later appears showing her and/or Obama supporters that also show Masonic symbols, the name of the lodge, etc.

    Just curious.

    — W.S.

  10. Nah, I'm in another "I" state, Indiana.

    Calling Reverend Bonney...

  11. Very interesting, that bit of news about Mt.Pleasant Lodge and Mrs.Obama. That I really can't agree with. It's one thing for a MM to post his opinion on a blog, that is quite another. Is Mr.Obama a Mason?
    I think there is some kind of write in option with the new machines. Not that it matters, computerizing the voting process takes it about as far from legitimacy as it can go. Skip the whole thing and have a select group of people, a conclave if you will, just appoint us a new President. You know the way new Grand Masters gain office, or for that matter popes.
    I for one find the whole free choice/decision making to be too cumbersome and frankly boring. Certainly there are others much more qualified than myself who should be making these decision for me. Now where is my bottle...

  12. Bro. Hodapp,

    I accept your admonishment of my previous comment. It was out of line.

    I usually advocate balance, my words came out of emotion and anger rather than reason and logic.

    My words also came out of frustration. It appears to me Theron Dunn has not only appointed himself protector of Freemasonry (as he sees it) in North America, he has also set himself up as judge and jury. And now, executioner.

    With his efforts to discover the identity of people making comments on this forum, protected by Freedom of Speech, then threatening to bring charges against them with their JW's, for me, crosses a line.

    I will quote Thomas Jefferson:

    "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

    In the future I will try to better temper my statements.




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