Monday, December 24, 2007

We all shine on: Chester Hall

Here is another essay in our ongoing series "This is Who I Am," where readers introduce themselves. Welcome, Bro. Hall.

My name is Chester Hall. I am a man at the age of 33 who came in under the sign of Leo and I have found this site very interesting in my young Masonic career.

I realize that I am a brother to all that is, part of the universal life that vibrates through all things. By the way... I have been led by my master within to rise in the east and I am an E.A.F. in the International Co-Masonic Order Le Droit Humain mother Lodge of Amen-Ra #584, Orient of Milwaukee and member of the The Rosicrucian Order AMORC, Karnak chapter.

I am a husband and a father.

I am a soul that strives to stay in balance with the universe. I am a person who tries to find the deeper spiritual aspects of things. I am a individual with an open mind who is in search of like-minded human beings. I am a student in search of Truth, Wisdom, Understanding.

I am also a part-owner of a semi-pro football team in Milwaukee, WI and we strive to add to the community positive energy and aid when we can.

I am a human who strives to master the science of self-knowledge and if a Bro. has any problem with this post, please examine the reflection you are giving off. I try to find peace within myself so it can shine in the world. My five-cornered badge is still raised and I am still trying to reach the perfect lodge. I am realizing that I may know what I may know, but that does not mean that I know all there is to know about what I know! We still have more to learn. Like Sankofa... I am a soul trying to get back to the source of All Things. I am trying to become a M.M. or a divinized man, one in whom the universal and the personal consciousness has came into union.

I am a blazing star and my job is to serve the T.G.A.O.T.U.

"The Light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not. Darkness will disappear when the day (New Consciousness) dawns and the shadows (Old Mentality) flee away." — W.L. Wilmshurst, P.M. 275: Past Provincial Grand Registrar, West Yorks.

Best Wishes for Peace Profound.

— Bro. Chester Hall

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  1. Brother Hall
    Excellent post!
    I was wondering why LDH? How did you become exposed to it? Instead of PHA or GL o Wi? Who was your mentor that showed you that path.

    That is what I find intriguing.
    I hope to hear back from you, and have a blessed Holidays.

    1. What a long time ago,i did first try Prince Hall but couldn't get a message returned.Since at the time i was already a Rosicrucian and mystic minded i heard of Annie Besant.That began the ball rolling and a few different things lined up and here i am today.


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