Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Square and compasses smashed during removal from 'offended' church

The square and compasses lies in pieces, smashed to the ground while being removed from the Masonic temple building in Elgin, Illinois, now owned by a church group.

Officials of the fundamentalist Christian Family Life Church threatened the Elgin City Council with a lawsuit if they weren't allowed to remove Masonic emblems from the historic building, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The square and compasses enclosing the letter G, along with the original cornerstone which contained Masonic symbols and wording, was considered "offensive" by church officials. Read the "statement of faith" of church founders and "prophetic apostolic overseers" Robert and Stacy Whitt.

The broken terra cotta S&C along with the now-removed cornerstone which reads "Laid By the Masonic Fraternity June 9 A.D. 1923=A.L. 5923" will be housed in the Elgin Area Historical Museum.

Speaking of the removal, Betty Coture, a member of the Elgin Heritage Commission, said, "I didn't really think they would do it. It is too bad that a church that came here and wants to do good things destroys our beautiful building."

A small time capsule in a copper box was found under the cornerstone. It has been given to Elgin Lodge No. 117, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

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Image: The Masonic emblems on the building before their removal and near-destruction.

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  1. This is disgusting and sad to read about.

    I'm always amazed at the ignorance levels of people like this that act out in such destructive and hateful ways.

  2. The church that owns this property has every right to do as they will but it is sad that a part of history once again falls prey to fear.

    Was their faith so weak that they thought God's power would somehow be diminished by a symbol?

    It seems when ever we seek faith, religion or a path of enlightenment, passions run high, much like we have seen on this site lately.

    This past weekend I took my daughter to see exiled Tibetan monks preform some of their sacred chants and dances. One of the monks told us they believe that clapping can expel negative energy.

    Why don't we collectively clap to the 4 points of the compass and send out a wish, a prayer or just a cosmic vibe for peace and harmony!

    Who knows....

  3. "Why don't we collectively clap to the 4 points of the compass and send out a wish, a prayer or just a cosmic vibe for peace and harmony!

    Who knows...."

    Can't hurt. I just did, and I hope it creates peace and harmony! The Buddhist monks are cool, I've seen them several times dancing or doing mandallas.

  4. "My Pastor said the Mason's were evil."

  5. Bama13,

    Need I or anyone else say more?

  6. I guess it is their building and they can do what they need to. I worked on a project to convert a church to a City Hall / Civic Center. Now the City Hall has stained glass windows showing the Holy Bible and such. I'm not crazy about that, but we didn't tear out the windows, and we didn't even cover them up. From the looks of it, this church could have easily covered up the symbols.

    The "Christians" in this church have a similarity to the Taleban in Afghanistan that tore down the Bamiyan Buddhas back in 2001. It doesn't seem like good times in the US when an American Christian group can be so easily compared to a fundamentalist Islamic group.

    I don't know the details about why the Lodge moved out of there, but we really need to do our best to keep the older Masonry built lodge buildings and stay in them. Then our past wouldn't have to be erased after we sell our buildings to fundamentalists.

  7. Regarding Square and compasses smashed during removal from 'offended' church.

    As of 2-21-2010 the Family Life church that owns the old Elgin Masonic Lodge which is across the street from the church and purchased in a two for one sale is still vacant. It was never occupied or ever used in any way shape of form.

    For what it is worth.


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