Friday, March 02, 2007

Mozart, the Masonic Grand Magician

Freemasonry is international, found in most every part of the world.

Apparently, it's also very international for novelists to use Masonry and Masons as plot devices and characters in their books.

Click here to read the English translation of a Korean book review of a French novel that ties the Austrian Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to ancient Egypt through, you guessed it, Freemasonry.

The four-volume story by prolific French author Christian Jacq involves Thamos, the count of Tebas in Egypt, who singles out young prodigy Amadeus as a potential grand magician who will save the world by means of his music.

Jacq's earlier series "Ramses" includes the novels The Son of Light, The Temple of a Million Years (aka The Eternal Temple), The Battle of Kadesh, The Lady of Abu Simbel, and Under the Western Acacia. With titles like these, I'm guessing Freemasonic ideas in some form are a recurring theme.

Image: Christian Jacq

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