Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who is the Anti-Mason?

Warning: Contains the F-word.

We seldom get any good Masonic mysteries and drama in real life, so I thought I'd share this unfolding "saga" with you. It's fairly adequate entertainment, unless there's something good on television right now.

It looks like we need to rename MySpace Mike. Let's call him Drama Queen Steve from now on.

You might remember him from last September. On the Burning Taper's MySpace site, we received several emails from him, full of tired old anti-Masonic jibberish. His first email to us ended with "FUCK THE MASONS AND FUCK THE ILLUMINATI."

We reposted several of his emails in an article about him on Sept. 22. He then filled the comments section with even more anti-Masonic claptrap, copied from various religious and conspiracy websites.

At some point, Mike's profile was re-tooled into what looked like, at first glance, a pro-Masonic website, full of Square and Compasses and other Masonic graphics, where he called himself "Brother of Light." However, reading his postings and articles revealed it was actually an anti-Masonic site containing the same twisted Taxil tales he had become infamous for here.

I checked a few minutes ago, and his MySpace account has been closed.

This afternoon at 3:17, the first comment since January was added to the original article about MySpace Mike. Posted anonymously, it is written by, supposedly, someone in Pennsylvania claiming to be soon becoming a Mason.

(Comments and emails that follow are verbatim.)

That anonymous post said:
This guy is a nut and ruining the Mason name. I don't where in the hell he got his information but he obviously watches too many movies. I have pettioned to join a local lodge and Johnstown, Pa. Once i'm in, this guy will go down.
I have no idea if this was actually from someone in Pennsylvania about to join a lodge. Could be. But it doesn't sound very Masonic to be saying something like "this guy will go down." (Note the missing words, bad grammar, misspellings and lower case "i'm," all trademarks of Andy Warhol.)

More likely, it was MySpace Mike/Drama Queen Steve setting up today's dramedy.

Less than an hour later, another anonymous post appeared on the MySpace Mike article, this one admittedly from MM/DQS. It said:
That's real nice. So now I will have a radical masons coming after me. That picture is not even me. So if something happens to this person would you even give a crap. This just goes to show what a great charity organization you are. Do you all normally put up pictures of anti-masons. For what purpose? In hopes of getting somebody killed? I have posted widows home address and still have it. Maybe I'll start posting it calling him a child molester that should get plenty of people stoping by widows house. I think I'll do that. I'll be back and give you link so you can see. Now well see who goes down.
This is where he admits to being Andy Warhol, when he talks about my address.

He also says that the photo, which appeared on his original MySpace site and was atop the original article posted here about him, is not of him.

For a couple of months earlier this year, he re-appeared as the foul-languaged troll Andy Warhol, repeatedly spewing misspelled profanities. His favorite term for me was "asshat." Warhol also dirtied the waters with expletives at other Masonic blogs, including Bro. Tom Accuosti's Tao of Masonry. Mike/Andy Warhol was the reason the Burning Taper has on occasion temporarily changed the settings to not allow anonymous or unmoderated commenting.

My first article about Mike was posted on the Taper's MySpace site as well as here. About a month ago I received email there from a brother in Washington State, who has had his own go-round with our Drama Queen. You can read about Mike's run-ins with those Masons here.

Warhol once posted my physical address in a comment here, which he got from domain registry records, and urged people to pay me an unfriendly visit.

About 45 minutes after the second comment was left, an email arrived in Burning Taper's emailbox. The sender's email address was a first (Steve) and last name (I'm not posting it, but it was a surname that doesn't appear in records anywhere, according to Yahoo's Peoplefinder) at, a free email service.

The email said:
I have noticed that again I'am at the top your little blog. I have reported you for posting my picture on this blog. It was all fun and games but now I'am being threatened here is a copy of what was said on your blogger site.

This guy is a nut and ruining the Mason name. I don't where in the hell he got his information but he obviously watches too many movies. I have pettioned to join a local lodge and Johnstown, Pa. Once i'm in, this guy will go down.

If you don't remove all there pictures from your sites the two at and the one at myspace I will contact the proper authorities. I'am not kidding I give you 24 hrs from 4:44 p.m. to this. You have been warned.
In paragraph one, he says he's reported us. In paragraph three, he warns that he will report us. Come on, man. Make up your mind who you are and whether or not it's even your photo, Mike/Andy/Steve.


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  1. WOW...
    Bro WS, with all the problems and negativity running rampant in our world, what some choose to focus on, and how things resort to revenge..... words and ideas should inspire one for the betterment of mankind, not to plot the demise of fellow humans!

    Whether they are anit masonic or masons who hate freedoms, either way, it is sad.

  2. WS, I don't know what it is about you. You're like a "weird" magnet or something - you attract the weirdos.

    Personally, I still think that Andy/Mike/Steve is living in his mom's basement and can only surf the net when she's not home. It ties up the phone lines.

  3. Don't worry, I'm not him. It is scary what some people put thier energy into. I was raised a year ago and the last few articles scare me. I'm from AL and love my lodge and brothers. Tell me that what has happened to you is not the norm here. As a brother I support your efforts to put the good word out. Remember that evil temps those who are saved. Evil already has the others. Don't stoop down Brother. Keep upright

  4. I love reading your blog.... if it isn't one guy it's another. You should rename your blog the "masonic soap opera". This isn't meant to offend you BTW... I'll continue to read your blog... but like Tom says.. Where do you find these people and get involved in these banters? Keep up the good work and watch out for flying objects aimed at your head.

  5. I guess like attracts like, and weird attracts weird.

    (Hmm... so does that make you guys a tad weird, too, for being here? LOL!)

    I must confess to enjoying pushing buttons once in a while, to see what happens.

    But I did nothing to attract MySpace Mike, other than put up a MySpace site. He just popped up with his nasty emails on the Burning Taper MySpace site last fall. This isn't the only Masonic site he's been trolling.

    But I do come by my weirdness honestly. After all, I've been friends with Grouchogandhi for over 20 years, and if anyone knows weird, he does.

    — W.S.

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    I suppose that he just isn't interested in taking his meds anymore. And that is his right...

  7. greetings from a proud, soon-to-be master mason from australia.

    i don't usually feel inclined to leave comments on other people's blogs, but that MySpace Mike guy was something i've always feared was in the world, but luckily someone i have never come across.

    his restless copy-and-paste method of "proving a point" (not that i could detect the semblance of a point) made my head hurt, and to be honest, i really didn't read it all, as it was the usual garbage you can find in any anti-masonry website.

    in fact, the guy could probably make a fortune if he learned how to reference properly (say, using harvard referencing) and then publishing every single scrap of anti-masonry on the internet. it would be a kind of "anti-masonry for dummies" - hell, even i'd buy it, for a good chuckle.

    what do we do with anti-masons, or those with a clear yet unfounded reason for holding such hatred for something they simply do not understand?

    the same thing i do with all people i don't particularly feel any fondness for - wish them all the best, hope that they stop making fools of themselves, and try to ignore them.

    though this particular individual is vaguely amusing.

    peace and blessed be,

    c z . . .

  8. All said and done Brothers,

    Wouldn't it be best to not allow a guy like this to bring us to his "level".

    I think we should simply live the principals we agreed to, and let him wash himself out. Masonry has endured the likes of him many times.

    If he threats, harasses or slanders, report him.

    I have had great results with my-space deleting an individual for the above actions.



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