Friday, August 03, 2007

Eight miles high: A stoner rants against Freemasonry

Just when I think I've read all the anti-Masonic rants ever written, along comes a new one to brighten up my day.

This one has the standard "Freemasons control the world and the Illuminati control the Masons" silliness, but it takes a bizarre turn by saying that Freemasons control the world's illegal drug trade, for all drugs except marijuana.

What makes this rant unique is that it's written by a self-admitted stoner. The piece reads as if it was written by someone flying eight miles high. Twisted in with the usual Skull and Bones eye in the triangle on the dollar bill hysteria are revelations about the writer's left-handed father and personal tragedies and health issues, related through a grassy haze. He's sure that Masons "have no love in their hearts" and are the "manipulating string-pullers" of the world.

It's funny. It's strange. And it's sad.

Warning: The writer is fond of four-letter words.

Read it on MySpace.

Image: The reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States, suitable for coloring, courtesy the U.S. Government Printing Office. Get your crayons out.

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  1. "Marijuana is a good medicine when it's not abused by stupid people."


  2. *sighs*

    A mind is a terrible thing... too wasted.

  3. How do you think I make it through a Lodge meeting?
    Getting my mind right before hand always makes it more enjoyable!

    Hemp was a huge business back in the day of our forefathers.....

  4. wow... just... wow. I can see the marijuana is really settling his overactive imagination.

  5. cough...


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