Monday, August 13, 2007

Scottish Rite race car finishes 9th in ARCA 150

As I wrote on July 29, the Scottish Rite website proudly boasted (and still does) that Blake Feese would be driving SR-sponsored car #95 in the ARCA/Re-Max 200 race held in Nashville this past Saturday.

I just checked the race results. Guess what? No Blake Feese.

A little more googling and I found out that instead of running in the ARCA Re/Max 200, he raced in the Toyota ARCA 150, also in Nashville on Saturday.

And finished 9th out of 40 drivers who began the race.


Zoom zoom!

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  1. Shriners in dune buggy's Scottish Riter's in a Nascar. That's just great, making rednecks better!

    The Scottish Rite decided instead of making men better let's just go after what's out there just to get the money...


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